10 Signs You Have Found 'The One'

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10 Signs You Have Found ‘The One’.

When people tell you that you’ll know when you’ve found ‘The One’, you often think they are talking crap. Like HOW will you ever know? Well, let us tell you that as London speed dating experts with a wealth of experience in the dating world, it really is true that ‘when you know, you know.’

With that in mind, and in true DateinaDash’ fashion, we’ve put together 10 signs that you’ve found ‘The One.’

● You want everyone in your life to meet them. There's no better sign than thinking you’ve found the one and all you want to do is show off your other half! Having them meet the people who love you and who you love is really important. Maybe one day they'll join your wonderful family and friendship group. If they get on well with your friends and loved ones could this be a match made in heaven? We think so.

● You are genuinely excited about the prospect of being with this person long term. While you might be taking things slow at the beginning or prefer getting hot and heavy from the word go, if you can think of the future with them and what this might look like, this is an encouraging sign. All signs are heading in the right direction that you found the one, we’d say!

● You feel at peace, content in your life if together and want nothing more. If you get a real sense of reassurance and contentment, yeah you're right, you’ve probably found that special person so please don't give it up! Finding true love is very hard, so embrace it while you have it! Don’t learn the hard way.

● You are no longer looking around to see what else is out there. If you're not interested in flirting online with sexy strangers, checking out your local haunts, pubs and clubs for someone who tickles your fancy, or are not replying to incoming DMs, we’d say you’ve found ‘The One’, good news for you!

● They're your best friend. When you feel like you've got a friend in your partner, life is good. And as they say, friends make the best lovers. They know you inside out, embrace your flaws and all, and still love you.

● You’re the yin to their yang. You balance each other out and you can vibe off your partner when it really matters. If you get good vibes from them, then yes it’s a really good sign!

● You agree on the important things in life and you're aligned with the same life goals. Knowing where you want to be, what you want to do, and who you want to do it with, is an important factor to finding ‘The One’. This is because you both need to be striving for the same things and while differences are embraced, it is important to both be on the same page with each other.

● You respect each other truly and think the world of them!

What do you think of our list? Have we missed anything off? Let us know and get involved! Oh, and if you’re looking for speed dating events in the capital, DateinaDash can help you. Our speed dating events in the capital and singles events across London draw in a fantastic crowd, each and every time. With the world opening up again, now really is the time to get out and enjoy the nicer weather and potentially find ‘The One’. What's not to love?

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