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Gay Speed Dating London

Three words: Hot, hot, hot.

Seriously, that is exactly what you get when you pack a room full of hot, funny and genuinely lovely gay guys in London looking for love!

Gay Speed dating in London really is one of the newest and most exciting ways to meet new hot guys in a short amount of time, and you will soon find this out for yourself if you come and join one of our fantastic speed dating events in your area.

In today's time pressured society, especially in London, opportunities to meet new people can sometimes appear to be few and far between. But here at Dateinadash, our Gay Speed dating events address this issue by providing single gay men with several fun packed four minute dates, one after the other, during the course of an evening.

Recent research has shown that people make such strong first impressions about new people within a few seconds of meeting them, that although a four minute speed date may seem short, it really the first few seconds of the speed date, and thereafter, that really count.

So, with the introduction of gay speed dating it has never been easier and so enjoyable at the same time and meet hot guys face to face and experience the chemistry between you, here in your home capital of London.

True to its name, our Gay Speed Dates here are very quick -- just four minutes with each of your assigned dates Ė but youíll be happy to know that there are 40 guys at the event.

Exploring the fascination of beauty and good looks versus an individualís personality means you are able to discover how much of a role physical attraction and chemistry plays in dating in the city.

You date 20 and will have the chance to meet the other 19 guys afterwards. Win, win, eh?!

But donít worry, because the price includes entry into the club open until 3am after the speed dating event, there's plenty of free time to mingle during which you can meet up with anyone in the room.

Why not take this opportunity to both catch up with the guys you have already dated but also chat with the other guys you didnít get to have a speed date with.

We believe that such a circumstance is commonly referred to as having your cake and eating it! But hey, getting the best of both worlds means just one thing; no one misses out and everyone is happy!

When you arrive at Escape, Soho, you will be welcomed, registered and given a personalised numbered name badge and a pen and invited to have a drink at the bar. Maybe you fancy one for Dutch courage or just a little tipple but either way you are welcome to go and grab yourself a drink and get settled. You will then be seated at a table by one of our attractive and friendly hosts where a new gay guy will come and pull up a seat on your table....... and the speed dating begins!

After four minutes, we blow a whistle, you will stay seated and the other guy will move round onto the next table. This continues (with a half time break) until you have met all twenty hot guys.

After each date you have the tough decision about whether or not the gay guy in front of you tickles your fancy or not. Simply fill out your scorecards to indicate who you like, donít like or think could be a potential friend, and who knows the feeling may be mutual!

Get a kick knowing you are attending the best gay singles night in town with our exclusive private venue at Escape, Soho
Enjoy the chance to meet 40 gorgeous, single, gay guys in one night!
Itís time to relax, laugh and soak up the exceptional service from our attractive and helpful hosts
Entry into the club after 3am means you can carry on enjoying the drinks, the music and the guys until the early hours of the morning!

Hey, if that feeling is mutual, you and your new match could soon be off on your next (and possibly more intimate) date. And if you receive no matches, we are so confident in our quest that we invite you to come along to another of our events completely free of charge and wish you better luck for the future!

Of course, to get to our gay speed dating event you will need to know exactly where you need to head, so here it is! Our Gay Speed Dating events are held in Escape, Soho and are run on the first Monday of each month.

Escape is Sohoís newest and most affordable gay club playing commercial music until the early hours and serving cheap shots and drinks all night long! You can revel in the fact you can enjoy the buzzing atmosphere at this secluded, swanky venue while enjoying the company of all the single gorgeous guys.

The bar boasts lots of flattering lighting, great effects, comfy seating, sound system and flat screen TVís, giving a really spacious feeling and great for mingling with all the hot gay singles.

Why not enjoy a range of cocktail shots; all layered and made to order such as:

1) QueerlyWasted (Sambuca and Tequila, with Tabasco as an optional extra)
2) Top or Bottom? (Jack Daniels, Tequila)
3) Lube Me Up (Vodka, Midori, Pineapple juice)
4) Britney's Tears (Goldshlager and Vodka)
5) QueerlyToxic (Tuacca, Tabasco)
6) Golden Shower (Goldshlager, Tequila)
7) Pussy Galore (Malibu, Midori)
8) QueerlyTrashed (Eristoff Black, Eristoff Gold and Eristoff vodka)
9) Slippery Nipple (Baileys, Sambuca)

Other drinks:
1) Bacardi (bottles) - Cuba Libre and Mojito Cocktails in bottles
2) Stella (pint)
3) House Rum / Whisky / Vodka and mixer

Whatever your preference, Escape has something for everyone and is one of the reasons why we chose this venue for our Gay Speed Dating events.

Why not pop along and discover for yourself and maybe even bag yourself a real hottie!

A quick round up of why you need to get yourself to our next speed dating event for gay guys in London: