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15 Awkward Speed Dating Situations!

Published on 28 Mar 2020 0 comments Leave a comment

When it comes to speed dating you've got 4 minutes to make your impression and potentially change your life forever. When it goes well, you can feel it. You get that warm fuzzy feeling and cannot wait to chat with your speed dater after the event has finished. But when it goes wrong, you just want to move onto the next speed dater as quickly as possible. As London's #1 speed dating hosts, we've had our fair share of blips and know the best way to get out of any awkward speed dating situations like a pro.

When things go a little 'Pete-Tong', we know first hand how everyone wants to vanish into thin air without so much as a goodbye. Of course, the most awkward speed dating encounter can be caused by pretty much anything but here we detail 15 awkward speed dating situations.

1) We all dread that moment when someone asks for your number, and you don't want to give it to them. Not just in a speed dating environment, but it's awkward in general to turn someone down. The thing you need to remember is it's your right to give out your number for any reason. It doesn't make you rude, it just means you're in control of your life and who has contact with you. Of course, you could just tell them to wait until the matches are announced.

2) Oppps, there goes the wine! If you manage to spill wine, here's hoping it's on you and not the singleton sat in front you. Either way, now's the time to use humour! But why laugh at your blunder? Because it'll show your date you're human and don't take yourself too seriously. What's more, you'll be able to see how they react- if they don't take it too well. Wrap it up and move the hell on! 3) Next up is when the topics turn to a controversial and you can't agree to disagree. This is more than one of you hating chick-flicks or football. This is politics, exes and other controversial topics, likely to make people flair up (if they aren't willing to be grown up about it). During a speed dating event, it's not the time to bash, argue or ridicule. It's all about respecting other people's views, even if they don't align to your own personal views. Can your date be kind when you disagree? That person is a keeper. If not, don't fret, maybe they aren't your perfect match, and that's OK! 4) What about if your date cannot stop checking their phone, or replying to text messages? As experienced speed dating hosts, we'd say the only time this is OK is if a genuine emergency takes place. To stop this happening, it's best to keep your phone well clear of the table to avoid any unnecessary awkwardness.

5) Ekkkkk, you run into one of your exes while at the speed dating event. As we all know, it's a free world and everyone is entitled to do as they wish. If you get stuck in this totally awks situation, you can either be nice with a simple 'hi' or nod. That's all that's needed in this situation. Concentrate your time and energy on your speed date and smile! Living well and being happy is the best kind of revenge.

6) There's definitely some truth in too much of a good- especially when it comes to alcohol on your speed date. There's never a great excuse for getting drunk before or on your speed date, especially if it's the first time you've met the person sat in front of you. Of course, if you find yourself too drunk (or your date is beyond tipsy) you can always put it down to nerves and apologise. Of course, if your date understands, we think you might have found a good one!

7) We've all been there we can't remember someone's name- even if they've said it! As a nation, we've become adept at chatting with people we see all the time (ie. around work or at the school playground) without ever addressing someone by name, or made use of 'tags' like mate, babe or 'hey' to hide our forgetfulness. But when you're on a date it's really embarrassing and slightly awkward to wiggle out of it quite so easily! Our best advice here would be ask a fellow speed dater and hope that they save the day.

8) Next up is bad breath! According to new research, halitosis is the biggest turn-off when it comes to finding a potential love interest. It's deemed a bigger turn off than terrible dress sense, being late, poor manners or bad jokes. If you suffer from bad breath yourself, steer clear of strong coffee, red wine, spicy foods and of course, garlic; the food of vampires!

9) If you don't have a date to spend your evening with, panic not! As London's most experienced and most loved speed dating hosts, Dateinadash will transform your evening! One of our 'oh so' lovely hosts will happily spend their time chatting with you, keeping you focused on the task in hand and giving you the confidence to nab yourself a date next time!

10) It's a tad awkward if you know you're date isn't really interested in getting to know you (although you've only got 4 minutes to burn so just hang on in there!). If your date gets distracted, antsy or sit there in complete silence, it'll feel crystal clear that your date has little patience or interest for conversation.

11) Similarly, your date could not give you the time of day to get a word in edgeways. While 'it's good to talk' your speed dating experience needs to be a two way communication for it work!

12) While this theoretically shouldn't be awkward (as everyone is individual and can be themselves), if your speed date rocks up wearing Crocs with socks, you'll feel yourself wishing the 4 minutes to hurry to hell up. It's true; everyone can wear whatever they wish, but if you're looking for someone trendy or with a cool taste in fashion, this may well not be the date for you. Be polite and respectable and move on!

13) Uh oh! You've clapped eyes on the speed daters in the room and you realise the person sat in front of you is an ex, or someone you've previously dated! We get it; this would be totally awks but be the better person and rock adulthood. Whatever happened before, doesn't impact what's going to happen moving forwards. We mean, you don't need to fall in love with this person, just chat and enjoy the rest of your evening!

14) Feels a little bit being at school but it can be awkward if the speed dater fancies your friend and not you! Just a little word of warning; accept this as part of life- everyone likes who they like but take it in your stride. Maybe you can play matchmaker and see what Cupid has in store for your friend. Your time will come!

15) Last and by no means least, one of the awkward speed dating situations to be in is a speed dater proclaiming they aren't interested in a relationship! Remind yourself why you are there; to find love and live your best life. OK, not everyone will want a relationships but it's probably not the most positive way to approach a first 'date' situation! Far too often we assume we can convert a player into relationship material if they get to know us but the truth is (in our dating experience) if they tell you from the start that this isnt going to be a relationship, believe them. The choice is yours!

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