Singles Pub Crawl Events

Christmas Markets Pub Crawl
Royal Festival Hall, West End

Location: Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

Tickets: £15

Age Range: 25-40 yrs

About Singles Pub Crawls

As premier speed dating hosts in London, we refuse to provide the run-of-the-mill Singles Pub Crawls like many other speed dating companies in the UK. Oh no, as premier speed dating hosts we offer a full range of fun and flirty ways to meet new, sexy singles in your local area by taking on some of the trendiest and chic venues.

And, with 30 people on each pub crawl, with equal quantities of men and women, everyone involved loves going from one venue to the next, interacting with the various single people there with a drink in hand and a wide smile on their faces and discover for themselves why this event is a favourite of daters in the UK.

What is the history of Singles Pub Crawls in London?

Witnessing the fantastic success of pub crawls such as one big night out and the nuts pub crawl, we decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak, and venture into the Singles Pub Crawl scene in London. Since its launch in 2013, our pub crawls have proven extremely popular and we now run events every week, meaning you will have an opportunity to check out our popular singles pub crawls four times a month!

We don’t want to come across bigheaded but we definitely believe that our modern, up to date and original singles pub crawls simply pummel our competitors into the ground. Plus, our extensive and well documented experience in the world of dating means that our singles pub crawls wouldn’t be the real deal without a little good old fashioned drinking thrown in for good measure!

Of course, one of the most enjoyable parts of our Singles Pub Crawls is the fact we all get to taste some of the finest drinks available in some of the finest pubs, cocktail lounges and venues your diverse city has to offer. In all, Dateinadash’s Singles Pub Crawls provides fantastic dynamism, great conversation and the chance to meet new singles over a drink or on the dance floor. What more could you ask for?

What sorts of people attend Singles Pub Crawls?

As you can imagine, a singles pub crawl entices many types of people from all walks of life in their quest for love and a fun night out through a range of safe and relaxed environments.

Typically attracting a young crowd in their twenties including students, ex-pats and often people new to the area looking for fun night out, our singles pub crawls draw in a range of singletons from all sorts of professions, backgrounds and personalities!

Why are Singles Pub Crawls so popular?

In a nutshell, Dateinadash’s organised Singles Pub Crawls are full of fun, adventure and flirting. If you are keen to explore your local city and meet an array of like minded, gorgeous singles then why not discover the best bars, clubs and lounges that have made London such a fantastic place to live, work and play, too!

At our Singles Pub Crawls we guarantee to get you chatting, flirting and interacting with many other sexy singles in your local area. And, as you would expect Dateinadash offer nothing but the best treatment for all of our eager daters, wherever you maybe!

Utilising everything a single guy or girl would want or need from such an event, Dateinadash offer Singles Pub Crawls for 30 singles looking for love. With 15 guys and 15 girls ready for a fun night ahead, our impressive dating event comes as one complete package.

Furthermore, our events boast a dedicated pub crawl leader, wrist bands, discounted drinks, free shots on entry, lots of drinking games and VIP entry to all venues on the pub crawl itinerary and lots, lots more!

And one of the most attractive prospects about our Singles Pub Crawls is the fact they are value for money; entry to the various venues is worth £10.00 and the drinks worth the same! A fantastic deal we are sure you will agree?

When do our Singles Pub Crawls take place?

Our pub crawls take place in some of the most happening areas of London. Take for example our Shoredtich pub crawls for singles in east London; currently our events are held every Saturday, meeting from 6:30pm to 11:00pm and visiting four bars; Loves Company, Cirque, Sunset Bar & The Lighthouse.

For your convenience, we offer regular events throughout the month so why not call 0845 862 1448 to find out more about our upcoming pub crawls aimed at singles and grab yourself a ticket at the same time?

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