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8 Post Date Texts & What They Really Mean

Published on 8 Jun 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

When a first date is going well theres no denying that theres a feeling that washes over you. Theres a sudden rush of invincibility that flows, making you think you are in control of your own destiny and happiness. But when your date is over, theres nothing you can do than wait to see how the other person felt it went.

In your mind, every text seems like a test, a make or break situation that could decide what happens next. This all accounts to that dreaded post-date period of time, where youre sitting there at the mercy of your phone. And so, with this in mind, weve compiled a helpful breakdown of 8 common post date texts and what they really mean in the metaphorical minefield that is dating in the 21st century.

'Hey, hows your day?'

If sent the same night as your date, its a simple one. Your date is asking you how you felt about their date with you and provides you with the opportunity to provide them with feedback. This demonstrates they want to know how you felt the date went before asking you on another date. Whats more, its very probable that your date was left wanting more. It may have been less than 24 hours since your date but they couldnt hold it in any longer- they want you to know that youve been on their mind and youve won. A second date is most definitely on the cards so watch this space for round two.

However, if you receive this text the next day after your date, sometime in the late afternoon/ early evening it could be a cry for help. Its like your date is asking you directly for some pointers, its like, Help me out here. Im not 100% sure if we hit it off or if you think I am boring. Its hard to tell. Please guide me. In essence, this text is specifically to gauge your interest before your date plans the next step.

'Soooo, last night was fun'

If you get this kind of text the next day (any time), its obvious that your date isnt afraid to speak up and tell you about how much fun they had with you. Take it as a huge compliment- no playing it cool, just straight up honest chemistry that they cannot deny to themselves even at this early stage. Be pretty confident date number 2 will be on its way real soon!

'Did you get home safely?'

This one is pretty simple to explain. Firstly, it shows that your date wants to check you got home safely the night of your date showing their caring, genuine side. Beyond that, it could keep the conversation and the good times going. It might even lead to a little text flirting which is always fun and a perfect night cap to the evening. Just remember, a lot of meaning is conveyed despite only a few words. Less is more in this instance!

'I'm giving Dateinadash 5 stars. I had a really fun night.'

In addition to the obvious virtual high 5 to Dateinadash, London's leading speed dating hosts, if you receive this kind of text its a very obvious nod to say that your date wasn't a disaster. Your date is acknowledging that they don't want to take things too quickly, too soon while at the same time not forcing anything. Its clear to see that your date is looking for another special date with you so just watch this space and see where date number 2 takes you!

'Have you ever seen (enter a hot character) in (enter a film/TV show title)? You totally look like her in her lead role.'

When your date sends this kind of text they are trying to entice your imagination while at the same time, quietly paying you a compliment. Some people may be disappointed not to have received a text the very next day but some dates will want to keep an air of mystery about them.

This kind of message definitely ticks all of the boxes on that front and while some might think it is cheap in its reference to another hot person, it also gives off an impression that your date is (slightly!) cultured in the fact they are recalling a particular person from a particular show.

But hey! Better this kind of text than your date complaining that their boss is an idiot or describing what they had for lunch. No one cares- but to know someone has been thinking about you, and took the time to send a message- that's enough to make anyone smile, even if they think its a little cheesy!

'I'd really like to see you again! My schedule is pretty tight the next couple of weeks. Can you do an afternoon this week?'

Date number one was a great success. Date number two is on the horizon but if your date sends you a message like the above, its likely they are trying to take the pressure off of both of you to go home together and getting intimate.

An afternoon date is the perfect chance to meet up and enjoy a little bit of time together while at the same time finding out more about each other. Doing something together that reveals their interests, can only be a win, win situation at the end of the day. Theres plenty of time to hook up and get intimate as and when you get to that stage, so why not take the opportunity to take things slower and get to know each other- now is for the living as the old saying goes!

'Should we do this again?'

Here your date is asking for your input and get your feedback on your date. So, even if it was a good-but-not-great first date, dont despair. Its likely your date saw the potential and value in asking you for a second date and so if you are willing to give it another go, you can try and mix it up to get a better result. If nothing else, you'll get to know each other a little more and can make a decision more easily moving forwards. Clear, concise and honest sounding texts are always welcome as it spells out exactly what your date wants, without any second guessing. The rest is down to you to decide!

'Lets definitely, NEVER do that again'

If you've reached the stage of intimacy, and you receive this kind of text a couple of days later it could be taken one of two ways. If you know your date is a cheeky, playful character it could well be taken in a light-heated way to show that sex to them is seen as an enjoyable act (which of course it should be!) and that your date is definitely interested in hooking up again despite what their text says.

It could also be touching on the tricky middle ground subject of not getting too attached or too serious too quickly which can sometimes be a difficult one, especially when feelings are involved or with the excitement of seeing someone new. By getting such a text a couple of days after you hooked up you could also take it that your date didn't want to text you the very next day incase it gave you the wrong idea. This one is far trickier to gauge but it rarely means what it sounds like, or your date probably wouldn't have tried their luck in sending it!

Here to help you

So there you have it, 8 post date texts and what they could mean to you! Of course we cannot get into the heads of your potential dates but we can second guess what their texts might mean, and the subliminal meanings behind them, helping you to understand the language of love in the world of dating.

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