Dating In The Dark London

Across London and as regular as clockwork, the team here at Dateinadash host fantastic Speed Dating events with a difference.

Have you ever heard of Dating in the Dark in London? Well, you have now. And it really is exactly what the title suggests.

A simple blindfold ensures the gorgeous bunch of singles in attendance cannot see anything, not even a peep and that is the whole point.

Aimed at London’s singletons, our Dating in the Dark events are a totally unique and funky way of going back to basics. Plus, it asks the question, is love blind?

One way to answer this, we have found, is to remove the factor of physically looking and seeing, as the city’s men and women get to know each other in total darkness with Dating in the Dark London.

Exploring the fascination of beauty and good looks versus an individual’s personality means you are able to discover how much of a role physical attraction and chemistry plays in dating in the city.

We am sure many of you in the city are honest to say that looks and personality combined help make the perfect match but is that actually true?

Yes, some people definitely are that shallow and wouldn’t give a guy or girl a chance if they weren’t physically attracted to them but we think if you are more open minded and adventurous to trying something different, then Dating in the Dark maybe just your lifeline to finding your ideal partner! Once you have given it a try, maybe you will change your mind and realise that looks might just be the cherry on the top of an already perfect sundae.

Maybe, just maybe, your speed dating single is perfectly wonderful without you even clapping eyes on them and you just don’t know it yet!!

It is true that some people consider the personality to be an added bonus on top of good looks while others consider the looks an added bonus on top of the personality. With our Speed Dating event, here in London, you will soon discover what you believe is the added bonus to a person. Are you ready to find out? We think you will be intrigued, at least...

OK. Well now you are toying with the idea, we can hear the cogs turning as you try and figure how on earth you are going to get to the event, register and have a fun night without seeing any other of the singles you will soon be dating in the dark?!

It’s ok. It is a perfectly valid question, so let us explain.

To ensure you do not see any of the other single people turning up to the event, men and women must arrive separately and at different times to make sure that there is no chance of seeing each other in the light. It is then, at this stage, that you will be given instructions as how the Dating in the Dark event works by one of our knowledgeable hosts.

With an equal spread of men and women, our Dating in the Dark Speed dating events means there should be someone for everyone while our friendly, gorgeous hosts will be on hand throughout the evening to welcome guests, break the ice and make introductions.

Obviously, you will have the opportunity to date in complete darkness (hence the name of the event!) and that bit comes next.

And as if by magic, the dating begins!

The most important debate of present mankind is the age old question, "What is more important in a partner, looks or personality?", our Dating in the Dark Speed Dating events in London offer singles the chance to make up their own minds!
London Dating in the Dark Speed dating has proven to be a very effective way to meet new single people from in and around London who you may never normally get the chance to meet when out socialising with friends or work colleagues.
With a venue in the capital, our dating events are easily accessible, fun and full of giggles. And remember, if you don’t receive any matches, you can pop along to the next event without paying a single penny!

Just think speed dating with blindfolds- well, if the truth be told, a complete blackout- and you are spot on!

After four minutes of chatting a whistle blows and each guy moves onto the next female where at the end of the date, guys and girls take it in turns to remove their blindfolds for the big ‘reveal’ to see who they have dated and subsequently mark their scorecards.

Will you still fancy or want to spend time with the person you dated in the dark? It’s definitely a fun way to get to know someone without forming an opinion before the chatting and flirting begins!

Next, you will move to a random date where our hosts mix up the order so no one knows who they are dating next and there is no chance to pre-judge anyone!!

What fun will you have and how will the conversation progress?

That one is 100% up to you!

We expect lots of anticipation though, trying to work it all out....

With plenty of time after the event to mingle with all the gorgeous singles, Dateinadash really does think that there is someone out there for everyone!

And if not, because we are so confident as speed dating hosts, if you don’t find any matches this time around, we will provide free entry into one of our future speed dating events.

In all, from our experience, Dating in the Dark is a novelty concept challenging the pre-conceived ideas about looks versus personality and certainly throws up some surprise matches when you least expect them!

Does this quirky yet simple concept sound fun to you?

If so, why not click here to discover more about when our events are held and where. One thing is for sure, the event will be held at a venue in London, so you won’t need to travel far!

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