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Which Speed Dating Company Is Right For You?

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Before you decide to take the plunge in the dating world it is important that you do some research. We want you to explore the internet, have a browse and see what type of evenings you can expect from the various different speed dating companies offering their services to you.

To avoid disappoint, the Dateinadash team suggest you check out their websites, take a look at their social media platforms, read through their reviews if they have any and generally have a snoop about. In doing so, you’ll discover how long they've been delivering London speed dating evenings, what people think of them and how the business promotes itself! Why you might ask? Because all of this can say a lot about how much they really care/

Yes, there's a couple of other companies offering London speed dating events but here at Dateinadash we've got this shizzle nailed down! We score at the top of Google for all things related speed dating in London phrases and we couldn't be more proud! This is why we've London's #1 speed dating hosts in our gorgeous singles' eyes!

What’s more, we typically have more dates than our competitors but we're not blowing our own trumpets here! We recently conducted a survey using secret shoppers and the results really do speak for themselves. Singles in London LOVE us and the feeling’s definitely mutual!


First things first- we have this dating marlarky in the bag! We've got oodles of fantastic, exclusive speed dating venues across the city of London because nothing is too much for our singles. We want you to enjoy every minute of your speed dating experience and are here to help ensure you have fun, flirt and hopefully make a connection with one (or more) gorgeous singles.


Talking of venues, our flagship venue is 100 Wardour Street which is a down right swanky, multipurpose venue with a stylish lounge and eatery. It’s also got a downstairs dance club and fantastic floor space to dance the night away. Worlds apart from our nearest rival in the West End of London, our venues and highly successful speed dating events kick some serious butt in delivering the perfect ambiance and environment. From our experience, you’ll have more chance of enjoying meeting, flirting and chatting with lots of likeminded singles from across the capital when you feel relaxed.

But that's not it, another venue- Madison- is the place to be in London on a Friday night. This place is sure to get you in the #FridayFeeling mood. Did you know? Madison was named London's second most-Instagrammed spot in the capital, and it's no surprise why! London's famous rooftop bar and restaurant, Madison has staggering views across the dome of St Paul's Cathedral and looks incredible all year round, come rain or shine! So what makes the cut when it comes to speed dating venues? As a dedicated team of speed dating hosts, we strive to bring you the best venues possible to ensure the best evening of fun! Regardless of where they are in London, each of our venues are handpicked for their ambiance, the quality and choice of the drinks, the local travel links and the vibe they give off. Forget back street pubs and sleazy second rate bars. That's many of our competitors’ cup of tea, but not ours! We always put our singles at the fore of all of the decisions we make and this has proved a fantastic decision to date.


Unlike massive companies who have multiple bodies doing all of the running around and organising, Dateinadash are proud to be run by our original founder, Rob Ryall. As such, our customer service levels are second to none as Rob deals with all questions and queries direct. This means you'll always know who you are talking to.

But he couldn't run the show without the help of his dedicated team of speed dating hosts working alongside him! As a strong team, we are hands on in every aspect of the company and share the same vision. We take the time to get to know our guests, their needs, what they like and want to avoid. Armed with this 'oh so' valuable information, Dateinadash are able to deliver targeted events across the whole of London.

Cannot sleep and got a question? Need to book a ticket? Panic not- we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is literally no let up for us- we are here to help and truly mean that, hand on heart!


There’s never a truer word said as the old saying goes. While we could blow our own trumpets on how fantastic our singles think we are, we don't need to. The oodles of glowing reviews speak for themselves. Plus, unlike many online, we don't shy away by 'closing reviews to the public' as we genuinely have nothing to hide. We are transparent and always will be. Yes, some people might not have found the love of their lives or thought they'd be getting a different experience, but if you do your research and weigh up the reviews as a whole, you'll see that many, many singletons across London love our events- month on month, year on year!

What's more, we've never paid for reviews (what is the actual point of this?!?) unlike some companies. Furthermore, we’ve never asked staff, friends and family to write reviews as if they are genuine singletons looking for love. We don't need review fillers. If people want to leave a review, we thank you immensely for taking the time to write it- genuinely, openly, and truthfully. It's these reviews which highlight us as London's preferred speed dating company and we cannot thank you enough!


When a job’s worth doing well, you’ll put in 110%. That’s exactly the attitude our team of dedicated speed dating hosts have towards putting on a fantastic speed dating event in London. What’s the point unless you give it your all? Our enthusiastic hosts really are the best in the industry. They are funny, have a wicked sense of humour and are sure to put you at ease as soon as you enter the room. Each and every one is a people person and strives to deliver the best evening of fun, flirting and speed dating they can.

And the best bit? Dating doesn’t have to be expensive. We know how hard you work for your money which is why we are very competitive in terms of pricing. What’s more, we offer fantastic Early Bird offers for you to take advantage of. Our Early Bird deals are just £10 meaning you’ll save even more money when you book early with Dateinadash. We also regularly offer 2 for 1 deals and discounts on group bookings when booked in advance! What are you waiting for? We are ready and raring to give you a fantastic evening to remember in the heart of the city.


In essence, anyone could hold a London speed dating event but that doesn’t mean they should. To host professional speed dating events in London it is important to have the adequate insurance, possess the best people skills and know your customers. Oodles of third party sites such as Skiddle and Eventbrite, allow anyone to create their own event. While these sites are brilliant for public events such as BBQs and music event, they aren’t suitable for speed dating events. As we’ve said before, be sure to do your research around the company you choose. Check out whether they have their own website as it’ll be difficult to sell of the tickets via one platform alone. Here at Dateinadash, we sell our tickets in a variety of ways.

Did you know MEET UP events often use fake RSVP’s to drum up interest? We suggest you are very wary of events with hundreds of RSVP’s as typically less than 50% of all attendees on ‘MEET UP’ turn up for the event itself. Because it is a FREE platform, MEET UP events attract low quality attendee so it’s very, very unlikely you’ll find the love of your life at such events.

Furthermore, take notice of companies who only advertise on Google Adwords. They’ve paid to appear there and if you cannot find their website in the natural search listings, they aren’t at the top of their game like we are!

Last but by no means least- be wary of companies who insist on emailing you every single week with event updates or offering free or discounted tickets. In the 7 years Dateinadash have been offering speed dating events in the capital, we’ve not once had to send an all database email as our events speak for themselves. We do enough targeted advertising across a wide range of platforms that people who want to attend our events, know when and where they are on!! That said, to our impressive 22,000 contacts on our database, we will be sending our an updated newsletter very soon!

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