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What Christmas Present Choices Really Say About Your Partner

Published on 7 Dec 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

Whether you unwrap gorgeous jewelry, a Disney film, sexy undies, gig tickets or a brand new ironing board, Londons most popular Speed dating hosts, Dateinadash gives you the lowdown on the true meaning behind those gifts this Christmas!

As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words and it really is true- the same applies to gifts! So, as you scour the web and rummage around in your local shops, whether you know it or not, unconscious feelings and motivations drive your choices. But what this really means is that the gifts you receive from your family, friends and most importantly, your loved one or new love interest, give you huge clues about what they are thinking!

If youve recently started seeing someone new, your luck is in! According to a recent study, in the first few years of dating the gifts people received were rated as being highly in tune with what the receiver actually wanted. But its bad news for many in long term relationships- apparently the longer some people were together, the less meaningful gifts became.

But that shouldnt be an excuse- no one should take their other halves for granted, especially at Christmas and while the festive period isnt all about gifts, it is about love and being around those you love. So, be thoughtful this Christmas and really think about what your other half would like, rather than what they need. Gifts should have meaning, regardless of the price tag so take a little time to consider your choices.

But regardless of how long youve been dating, albeit a few months or several years, presents are one part of the puzzle to your emotional connection. With this in mind, our London speed dating hosts have taken the time to consider what some of the presents under your tree (potentially) could reveal about your partner. One thing is for sure, its impossible to get inside anyones head but we think weve hit the nail on the head with our top favourite presents and their meanings for 2017.

Expensive, sophisticated jewellery

This type of gift shows a traditional and quite serious lover. Without a doubt they take you seriously and its unlikely you will ever feel neglected. Its likely that this type of person is a steady, reliable individual who youll feel secure with. Happy Christmas and enjoy your new bling!

A cuddly toy, or Disney film!

As you can imagine, this type of partner is forever youthful. That said, it could also mean they are also a little immature as well. Loveable, affectionate and thoughtful, this type of Christmas gift shows a real sense of fun and suggests a playful side to their personality which could feed into your relationship. Enjoy the giggles and of course, snuggling on the sofa with your oh so cute Christmas presents!

Perfume or male grooming products

This is significant of a relationship thats still in the full flush sexual chemistry. It reveals clear attraction and expectation of a full on relationship. Whats more, as crazy as it sounds, gifts like this can signal that s/hes sexually confident, too, and wants nothing more than having her needs met.

Of course, on the flipside- heaven help the man who has poor personal hygiene, because this is a big hint from her: sort it out now is the message!

Sexy lingerie

We think this one is quite straightforward and simple. Gifts like these reveal a true passion for you. Your new love interest sees you as a bit of a goddess and as a sensual woman with many levels to your personality (which of course is absolutely spot on! No questions asked)

Now the only issue here could be that, if its very early in your relationship, sexy lingerie may be seen as a little presumptuous of them to think youre ready for such red-hot passion. But if you are, or if you have already crossed that line, sexy lingerie shows how your lover wants to indulge you so expect a big dollop of some red-hot loving!

Naming a star or something personalised

Now this type of present really shows just how much of a romantic your partner is. Its fair to say they probably have you up on a pedestal and what a lovely place to be! This type of partner is reliable, a hopeless romantic and an old fashion giver of thoughtful gifts.

And while this all sounds lovely and really sweet, if its right at the start of your relationship, some may see it as a little creepy. Why? Because true romantics dont like their bubble burst and sometimes struggle to deal with the day to day struggles couples face. But we dont want to dampen your excitement at such an eternally lasting gift with so much thought so lets leave it there.

Tickets to see something you love

This type of partner wants to show you a good time and they try hard to impress you whenever they can. Whats more, they are enthusiastic about your relationship which is a great trait and it also reveals how much they care about what you like.

Finally, as London speed dating hosts submerged in the world of dating, wed say that they probably also have a spontaneous side within your relationship that keeps things lively.

A vacuum cleaner

While this type of purchase is a necessity for many homes, receiving a vacuum cleaner as a Christmas gift reveals a lack of imagination that might permeate your whole relationship. Also, theres clearly no more spontaneity in the relationship and this type of partner shows things have got very pragmatic.

On the flipside, if youve asked for an iron or a blender it shows your partner listens to you. Theyre probably straightforward and uncomplicated in your relationship.

Its the icing on the cake if they get you what youve asked for, plus a fun/imaginative little gift on the side. Otherwise this could flag up the start of general neglect within your relationship and might be a warning sign which needs to be addressed. So there you have it, it really is true. The gifts you receive provide a lot of tell-tale signs about your partner and your relationship which is especially true at Christmas time!

Whether you realise it or not, what you choose for people at Christmas, says a great deal about you, and your feelings about them so let your feelings run wild this festive period and enjoy the feeling of love like never before!

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