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Top Date Ideas For Gym Lovers

Published on 8 Feb 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

Every January hoards of London singletons begin the New Year with some fantastic New Year Resolutions under their belt. And to be fair, with all good intentions January is the perfect time to get yourself feeling (and looking!) fabulous because when you love yourself, your confidence and zest for life radiates to those around you.

As we all know, January is renowned for being the month everyone strives to get fit and lose weight so the team here at Dateinadash have come up with some of the top date ideas for Gym Lovers. What’s more, getting active is a fantastic way to get to know your date, build your confidence and clear your mind of post Christmas clutter - so don’t delay, get yourself moving, however which way you prefer!

Enjoy the challenge of Paint balling

Everyone knows that competing against others is healthy. What’s more it provides you with a chance to show your skills and demonstrate what you are capable of. With this in mind, paint balling is the ideal January date for Gym Lovers as it combines a physical workout with some playful domination which is always fun. However you choose to pursue the paint balling activity, we guarantee you’ll be so hyped up you won’t even notice how many calories you’ll be burning while you run, jump and dodge paintballs- and dish them back to your date at the same time!

Get on ya bike!

No matter what speed your relationship is going, jumping on your bicycles together is a fantastic way to stay in shape and explore the great outdoors. And with cycling targeting the biggest muscle groups in your body including your hamstrings, quads, glutes and hips, you’ll also help to keep yourself trim and lean. What’s more, with London offering so many gorgeous sights to explore, biking it around the city is a great way to have a sneak peek at some hidden retreats scattered around. We think you’ll conveniently end up at a nice quiet pub or restaurant where you can enjoy a well deserved drink and tasty treat to reward yourself, and why the hell not we say!

Attend a Dance Class

With the chilly temperatures this January, why not stay inside and sign yourselves up to a dance class and make memories you’ll never forget! Not only will you get to see how your date moves, but you may well experience forms of intimacy and passion as you get up close and personal with your new love interest. From Salsa to Swing, and from Street to Contemporary dance, dance classes offer a huge range of potential styles to choose from, meaning there’s something to suit every personality and personal preference.

Take to the ice with Ice Skating

If you are lucky enough to live near an ice skating rink in the local London area, grab your skates and try out making some shapes on the ice together. That said, don’t go too mad- keep it smile as the risk of injury can be higher if you aren’t a confident skater but with the choice of both indoor and outdoor facilities, ice skating could well be the ideal January date for Gym Lovers across the capital.

Enjoy the thrill of Rock Climbing

This date idea will no doubt get your heart racing, and for all the right reasons! When your body is charged ready for some action adventure such as Rock Climbing your brain links that emotion with the person you are with. So, get in your rigs and harness and embrace the joy of Rock Climbing to get those feel good hormones running through your veins. What’s more, helping each other get to the top and realising your sense of achievement is fantastic for creating a sense of teamwork as it requires trust and communication at every step of the way. But we suggest that if you aren’t avid climber, start with an inside climbing wall to build your skills before going off into the unknown. (Plus, it’s warmer inside, which in the coldness of January is always a bonus!)

Draw, Aim, fire with archery lessons

This January, for those Gym Lovers wanting to flex their strength and ‘oh so toned’ arms, why not explore the art of archery and develop some new skills along the way? While the weather is cold and crisp, why not take a trip away into the countryside and go back into time with some professional archery lessons?! We think there’s just something about a bow and arrow that’s a little bit romantic, emotional and sexy. Just cast your mind to Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games and remember how amazingly hot she was when she pulled back her bow and arrow- well ladies and gents, this could well be you. Perfect for both guys and girls, archery lessons will have you imagining yourselves as mythical heroes, hunters and ninjas as you draw, aim, fire and hopefully running into the arms of each other!

And there we have it- doing new things together and getting off the beaten track to explore the opportunities available is fantastic for any couple or newly introduced singles wherever you live, work or socialise in London or the surrounding area. Any form of exercise will flood your brain with happy hormones and make you feel fantastic, especially in the brisk January days we have all become accustomed to. So, why not mix up a date night with exercise and really help those first date butterflies linger for a little longer!

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