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The Sexiest Country From The Top 16 World Cup Teams

Published on 2 Jul 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

As the sun continues to shine brighter than it has for a long time and World Cup fever sweeps across the globe, dating in London is really packing some heat! As is often the case with every World Cup campaign, the world tends to storm in like a raging bull, charged off its face on football fever but as Russia 2018 storms ahead it's time to take a look at which nation would win the World Cup of sexy! As London’s #1 speed dating hosts, Dateinadash are on hand to reveal which nation really is the sexiest. Of course though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are sweeping generalisations included! But, what are your bets on?


No list of sexy countries would be complete without Portugual. Worldly, well-educated and brimming with pride for their small but scenic country, Portuguese men are often tall, charismatic. These Latin seducers are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet while like many people from southern Europe, Portuguese women too are blessed with vivid Mediterranean beauty. Their dark eyes, long eyelashes and thick dark hair are some of the most striking physical features. These traits coupled with their tanned skin due to living in sunny areas makes Portuguese women incredibly attractive.


Charming eyes and beautiful hair are the characteristics of Japanese men. Some of the most attractive elements of the Japanese appearance are the colour of the skin and hair. Thick, glossy, dark hair is sexy to many of us and it’s no lie that Japanese guys are super cute and rather sexy too! Japanese women have an air of innocence about that which makes them ever more alluring. Their wide, dark eyes tell a story and many men want to hear their tales!


Five-time winners Brazil are progressing well in the World Cup. But this there’s only one thing that rivals Brazil’s obsession with the beautiful game, and that’s its quest for a beautiful body. This applies to both men and women but with the country breeding Victoria’s Secret models like nobody’s business, it’s clear to see Brazilians have definitely scooped the genetic lottery! In essence, they’re the blueprint for a nation chasing the ultimate in perfection.


A swanky Russian accent and a stern jawline makes many Russian men so appealing. Their air of mystery and sultry good looks is enough to drive any woman wild. What’s more, there’s no denying that when someone speaks to you in their native tongue, something in your brain happens where you are instantly intrigued by what that person has to say. Maybe this is an innate human quality to help bring the cultures of the world together. Or, it’s just another way to thank Mother Nature for being sexy at times. Moreover, Russian women are also very sexy. They are very desired throughout the world and ooze femininity. This helps to appeal to many different nationalities with their high self-esteem and gorgeous looks.


Flirtation is not just alive and well in France. It is the lifeblood that beats at the core of French society. What’s more, France has come to define everything bohemian. French men, especially, are typically unconventional and they something to the imagination, each and every time! They’re also charming, and women are seduced and totally wrapped into it. Furthermore, French women like to be 'bien dans sa peau' - at ease in their own skin. They carry a state of grace that is universally admired about them. They're comfortable in their own 'self and this self confidence drives men wild.


This beautiful country is sometimes referred to as the home of the most beautiful people on the planet. The Scandinavian country has a lot to boast for and good looking men are not the last on their list. Swedish men are generally considered aesthetically pleasing due to their fine-boned Nordic attributes and exceptional height advantage. Swedish women on the other hand are typically blonde, tall and slender, a perfect combination in many people’s eyes.


The Mexicans are another gorgeous country! Some Mexican men are short dark ones and there are others who have a light tan with dark hair, dark eyes which make them look hot and sexy. On the other hand, women and girls from this awesome country are often petite and have beautiful tanned skin and long dark hair. They look fabulously sexy whether fashionably slim or perhaps carrying a few womanly curves.


Many Danish men may see a muscular Adonis or a sleek, long-legged bombshell when they look at themselves in the mirror, but beauty is in the eye beholder as with any country! Danish women are typically tall, slender, and most likely blonde, and beautiful. As a country, Denmark is certainly a good looking country!


Stereotypically, the Swiss are clean, punctual and strictly organized people. The men often come across quite arrogant but this can be quite a sexy trait as they have a dark, mystery air about them. On the other hand, Swiss girls think they’re the best on this planet, the most beautiful and most attractive women who have ever lived, and their behaviour shows it. With a love of all things expensive, made in Switzerland is still something that stands for extra quality!


Colombian men and women are known for their good looks worldwide. However, good looks aren’t the only thing Colombian men are known for. Dating a Colombian man means you’ll love and laugh harder than ever before- it’s intense to say the least! And with natural genetics gracing this South American country, Colombian women are also naturally sexy. Colombian women are long legged beauties, with deep eyes, dark hair, pretty faces, and a slender figure- a winning combination for many!


If you like girls who look like models, (who doesn’t) you’ll see plenty in as you head to the furthest Southern parts of South America. Argentinian women are the Ukrainian women of Latin America. Walking around certain areas of Buenos Aires or Mendoza feels like being in Milan, Italy during fashion week. Argentine girls are thinner and model-like than some of the other South American countries. The Mediterranean genes and diet keep those piernas looking long and shapely.


Uruguayan men are typically darker skinned and boast gorgeous dark hair and dark, mysterious eyes. Similarly, typical features for women from Uruguay are that they have larger bottoms and they are really proud of it. These South American beauties rock body confidence and it’s great to see! As such, it’s not uncommon to see girls with the slim figure, but very large derrieres. You go girls!


From footballers to musicians, Spanish men rule women's hearts in all fields. The very mention of the term Spanish man might bring to your mind the image of a hulking and handsome Antonio Banderas, or the sexy and brooding singer Enrique Iglesias. In a nutshell, Spanish men are often perceived to be good looking, romantic and flirtatious. Moreover, Spanish women boast many gorgeous characteristics including beautiful legs, luscious dark hair and oh so pretty faces. Plus, if you’re a die-hard leg lover- head to north Spain such as Galicia, Asturias and Castilla-Leon where you’ll see heavenly legs everywhere!


This vote is a difficult one! When it comes to looks, there is no such thing as a stereotypical Belgian woman/man for the simple reason that there is no such thing as an ethnic Belgian people. At least not anymore! The original Belgians of which the country owns its name, were wiped out a long time ago during the era of the Roman Empire. However, in general sweeping terms neatness and order are highly regarded both in Belgian culture and appearances, and Belgian men and women are penchant to self-grooming, down to clean and tidy fingernails. What’s more, both men and women are known to be polite, soft-spoken and courteous. With a big dollop of gorgeousness on top for good measure!


Men from Croatia are mysterious and exotic. Just to say to your friends that you are dating a Croatian will instantly get you double the “Oohs” and “Aahs.” What’s more, there is something to be said about an accent. Let’s face it, a foreign accent is hot. No matter what, it will either get you in the mood or out of an argument at all times. So, date a Croatian and you will basically be in love forever. In terms of Croatian women- they too are gorgeous beings! Likewise, Croatian women are world known for their beauty- they are typically tall, tanned and lean. Most of them have dark hair, but many Croatian women have blonde hair. Pretty much all Croatian women have Mediterranean olive skin tones thanks to the fabulous weather conditions.


Our beloved England. With such a mixed collection of nationalities, looks and body types, English men and women really do come in all shapes and sizes! Quintessentially, English folk are slender, blonde and love all things posh but that doesn’t apply to the vast majority of the population. With curvier girls who love a good time to footy loving blokes who love nothing more than having a pint or two down the local, our wonderful country really does have something for everyone! But what does our ‘typical’ Brit really like in terms of looks and sexiness? Who knows! One thing we do know is ‘We’re sexy and we know it’ and every country swoons over our classic English accent. All the way, every day...

And the winner is...

So, there you have it! The low down on the 16 most sexiest countries of the World Cup 2018! As with everything in life, personal taste and preference means that it’s difficult to judge something so subjective but we’ve had to pick a winner. And yes, every country will have had sweeping generalisations thrown in but it’s very difficult to portray every personality, body type and individual living in that country.

As London’s number 1 speed dating hosts, Dateinadash are delighted to crown Brazil as the sexiest country this year.

Brazilians are famous worldwide and for good reason. Most people have never visited the country but everyone knows about the gorgeous guys and drop dead beautiful women donning sexy thongs on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. Some of the top models in the world like Adriana Lima and Giselle Bundchen are from here but of course you can’t really get a good impression of what the average female looks like based on their supermodels. That said, the gene pool in this fabulous South American country is one of the most diverse in the whole world which obviously helps produce beautiful men and women- there’s no denying that!

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