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The Complete Virtual Dating Guide

Published on 22 Apr 2020 0 comments Leave a comment

Here at Dateinadash, all things dating is at the forefront of everything we do. This is why, as Londons most loved speed dating company, we've put together some hints and tips on virtual speed dating from home. Take a look and see how virtual speed dating could help you find love during the difficult times.


First things first, we think its a given but make sure your home environment is clean and tidy! Pack away your overflowing laundry baskets and yesterday's underwear to create a warm and inviting setting for your virtual speed dating event.

Furthermore, make sure you have good lighting. Too bright and the speed dater on the WebCam may not see you. Likewise, if your room setting is too dark its unlikely you'll be able to see each other.

Whats more, make sure the virtual backgrounds in zoom are all in place and set up correctly. This will give a consistent theme to everybody in the speed dating event.

Finally, rather than have a re-enactment (just like the official videos of news reporters and Parliament with young children screaming in the background or trying to get on camera), we advise that young children are kept out of the way. This is not only for a quiet relaxing atmosphere but also for their safety as well.


Next, in terms of technology, we suggest that you get affiliated with the app Zoom as soon as possible. We advise that you have a dummy run using it so you know how the app works.

Likewise, make sure you have a fully charged battery as you dont want your phone or laptop/iPad to crash during the London virtual speed dating event.

Lastly, check your Wi-Fi strength to ensure that you are not only connected but that you do not have intermittent dips which could affect how the event runs.


As highly experienced speed dating hosts, Dateinadash know all too well the types of questions people like to hear during a speed dating event.

Firstly, consider what the speed dater on the WebCam will see when they connect with you. Furthermore, think about any photographs on the wall behind you that could spark up a conversation. Maybe place a carefully considered item or object within view to trigger a talking point?

Moreover, if you have a pet why not get them on camera to? In a recent virtual speed dating event in London, we had one speed dater who had their pet dog casually sitting on the bed. As a nation of animal lovers, its not surprising that everyone loved seeing the gorgeous pooch on screen!

Plus, if youre a dab hand in the kitchen, why not show off your cooking skills and chat while you cook? It'll be like your own version of Ready, Steady, Cook but better and you won't need to leave the front door.

Next, if you're houseproud, why not give a mini tour of your humble abode and show off your prize possessions? Whatever you decide, what you choose to reveal will provide a lot of information to the other speed-dater about the kind of person you are.

Maybe you are interested in sports? Food? Animals? Maybe youre a devoted parent or grandparent? Or maybe you have a need for speed with fast cars and motorbikes or enjoy a casual round of golf at the weekends? All of these things will reveal something about your character and personality without you having to say word!


While some may feel like theyre back at school or in an interview, Dateinadash suggest bringing a pen and paper along to the virtual speed dating event to make notes. Not only will it show a willingness to learn about your date, itll also put you in good stead later on, should you wish to ask other questions or refer back to conversations youve had together. It will also be helpful if you eventually get a match together as it will be a good starting point to spark up a new conversation!


While you may be dating from the comfort of your own home, this doesnt mean you should sit in your PJs slobbing out on the sofa and eating a Chinese (unless youve cooked the Chinese yourself!) What we suggest is treating any virtual speed dating event as if it was a night out.

Choose your outfit, run yourself a nice hot relaxing bath or refreshing shower, get glammed up, sort your hair and put your lippy on and find out your favourite killer heels.

Likewise for the men, have a shave, put on your favourite aftershave, grab a smart shirt and pour yourself an ice cold drink, ready to start your virtual speed dating event.


Lastly, have a think about good questions to ask on the first date! Think about asking them for some random facts about themselves to lighten the mood, ask whether there is something they'd like to learn or wish they were better at, or ask them a question from the drinking game 'Would you rather?'

Alternatively, ask your speed dater where their favourite place in the world is and why, or who are the special people in their life are! These kinds of questions will get you learning about the speed dater you are talking to without being too invasive or personal.

At the end of the day, you want them to feel at ease in your company and give the impression that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them. Of course, you dont have long to make an impression so make the minutes count and have a think about the types of questions youd like to ask!

Finally, depending on how your virtual date goes maybe pluck up the courage to ask for a FaceTime day after? Youll be able to gauge their reaction and see if you are both on the same page. Of course if they like to, you are winning at life, but if they dont, dont get disheartened-better luck next time hey!


A couple of words of advice!

We advise that you ditch the headphones. In our experience, big headphones, AirPods or anything really cumbersome just looks is a bad luck- so ditch them. Youll thank us later!

Furthermore, avoid talking about COVID-19! We all know that this disease is consuming our everyday lives so we advise that you steer away from bringing it up in conversation. We all know the drill; we all know what we have to do, so stay clear of this as many innocent people have lost their lives during this tragic time.

Likewise avoid talking about politics, talking too much about work or your exes- none of these are a great idea on a first date. If in doubt, just imagine you were talking to these people face-to-face and really think about what you would say to them. While you were talking to them over a WebCam or smartphone, just dont be stupid. Yes, you may never see these people again but the aim is that you'd like to continue getting to know someone when it is safe to do so.

Another important point is, make sure you look into the camera directly and not off to the side. If you stay away from the centre it will look as if youre looking at the carpet, clock checking or giving off the vibe you are generally not interested. Remember, eyes forward guys and girls and stay engaged!

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