The Best New Netflix Dating Shows

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Netflix is full to the brim of dating shows and we just can't get enough of them! As London's number one speed dating hosts we've collated together a roundup of the top shows and given them an all star rating. Want to get involved? Let us know what your favourite is and why!

The Tinder Swindler 8/10

This show has seduced a nation (and in fact the world) with its depiction of the true story of Israeli conman Shimon Hayut. Posing as a diamond Tycoon, Hayut has miraculously bamboozled oodles of women into handing over large amounts of money to lead a very prestigious and high flying life.

Each woman seemed to be fuelling the next private jet and 5-star adventure, but how are these women hooked? It seems unbelievable to think so many women were conned by him, but this crazy story definitely is true.

Too Hot To Handle 7/10

10 hot singles afraid of settling down and commitment are thrown together for what they think is a week-long ‘sexcation’. Sounds brimming amazing huh? Especially when these gorgeous singles are also used to summertime flings and hot and saucy one night stands.

However within no time at all they come to the stark realisation that they aren't allowed any physical contact. This includes no sex, no groping, no kissing, and no self-gratification.

With virtual assistant Lana watching every move, the sexy singles think they can get hot and heavy without any consequences, however she’s slashing the prize fund in front of their very eyes every time they do something they shouldn't. Will they learn? Stay tuned to find out more!

Dating Around 5/10

This Netflix show sees a brand new singleton getting to know five strangers on separate dates; each single has the whole episode to themselves. After all the dates are complete, the singleton looking for love must choose the person they want to go on another date with.

Simple to follow thanks to the short and snappy episodes, it is easy to get drawn in. However, our only wish was to see more of the second date and the overall outcome of the show! Never mind, it’s still worth a watch.

Love is Blind 9/10

Premiered in 2020 but gaining popularity across the globe, if you've not heard of Love is Blind, where the heck have you been? We've had various versions to binge-watch including Australia, Mexico and Japan- here's hoping others will follow. To put it mildly, we are addicted!

30 singles, all wanting to find the one and settle down, go through oodles of speed dates in search of ‘The One’. These chats, where the singletons are unable to see each other, take place within exclusive pods where lots of fun, flirting and deep conversations take place.

When the guy is ready, he has the pleasure of popping the question to his chosen girl, and if she accepts, they get to meet for the first time shortly after. After a couple of weeks, their dream wedding is planned and the couple have the choice to say ‘I do’ or ‘I don't’ to determine their fate after the show has ended. Truly addictive, we absolutely LOVE this show and can’t get enough. We’ll leave it there…

Are You The One? 6/10

Now finally on Netflix, Are You The One? Was originally released way back in 2014, but good things come to those who wait as the old saying goes. Featuring men and women who are paired up into couples by the producers, the love interests are matched via a matchmaking algorithm.

Throughout the series, all contestants must try and figure out who their perfect match is by getting to know all of the singletons on a deeper emotional level for their chance to win 1 million US Dollars. Who finds their match, and who has a connection with someone else? Watch until the end to see how the show pans out. Worth a wait but cheesy in places- see what you think though?!

Sexy Beasts 7/10

A word of warning, this is NOT your typical dating show. Let's get that out there right away! This wacky 6 episode series is narrated by comedian actor Rob Delaney and features singleton's in an array of different animal prosthetics to see if love really is blind.

Each episode features a singleton looking for their true perfect match. After all the dates are over they get to pick who’d they’d like to meet in person without hiding behind a mask see if the connection they've made is really there.

So, there you have it! Our roundup of the latest Netflix dating shows and our scores for each of them. If you’ve not yet feasted out watching them all, that can be your plan for this weekend, right? Oh, but don’t forget to check out our Latest Events page to see what’s on when in the capital. We’ve got love, dating and perfect matches down to a tee! Check it out today.

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