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Our A-Z Guide To Dating Terms

Published on 24 May 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

If you ever get the feeling you are behind on the times and not in the know when it comes to dating buzzwords, panic not! As one of London’s leading speed dating hosts, we’ve compiled a complete A-Z of dating terms to help you through your city romance.

Below, we’ve got a comprehensive list of all of the lingo you’ll ever need to keep you in the loop in the world of dating.

So here goes....

AF: any idea what this one means? In a nutshell it stands for ‘as f**k so take that as you wish. Plain and simple, AF can be used in instances such as describing a gorgeous singleton such as ‘hot af’, or‘single af’.

Breadcrumbing: Think Hansel and Gretel and you won’t be far wrong. In essence this term relates to sending flirty yet non-committal messages to entice your love interest just enough that they can’t get enough.

Cuffing: When the nights draw in and the temperature drops, serial singles pair up for some year round loving as opportunities dwindle in the singles market. This act is known as cuffing.

Deepliking: A sign of interest or affection demonstrated by ‘liking’ social media posts and pictures from months or even years before. While some may find it tab creepy, others may see it as a good light for something more.

E-fit: Carefully curating your social pictures and posts, using them as an online dating profile.

FBO: As the saying goes, it’s not official until it’s ‘Facebook official’ and the acronym FBO stands for exactly that!

Ghosting: One of the most savage instances in the world of dating, ghosting is when all communication with the person you’ve been dating suddenly stops out of the blue, with absolutely no explanation.

IRL: Another acronym, IRL stands for ‘In real life’ which in this instance refers to when you finally go on a real, physical date with a person you’ve been flirting with online.

KRAY BAE: When your new love interest turns out to be a crazy, unhinged person. Ekkkkk, get the hell out of that one immediately.

Monkeying: When you move from one relationship to another with no breaks in between, you begin to replicate a monkey swinging from the branches of a tree. Take note and make sure you make time for yourself.

Non-Date Date: The confusing time when you eventually meet up with your online love interest and experience a flirty vibe and intense eye contact, only to find it wasn’t specified as a ‘date’.

On a thing: This is a new dating term for casually dating someone in 2017. Forget ‘seeing someone’, ‘on a thing’ is the way forward in the world of dating. Peacocking: Get your glad rags on and use your attire, just like peacocks use their tail feathers to lure a mate, across social media and in real life, too.

Q: Another dating phrase standing for ‘cool’. ‘She’s really Q’ or ‘We might have broken up, but we’re still Q.’

R-bombed: Don’t you just hate it when your love interest reads your message but doesn’t reply. Well there’s a name for it now- you’ve been R-bombed.

Slow-Fading: When you slowly take longer and longer between replying to your latest love interest.

Thrist Trap: This term refers to posting pictures on social media seemingly innocently but in reality, all you want is to draw attention to your hot new look, your impressive new physique or fabulous natural assets.

Uncuffing: The sunshine is out so ditch your ‘cuff’ in time for a summer full to the brim of love.

Werk: When persistency pays off and you bag yourself a date with the guy or girl you’ve been chasing.

X-Factor: When you can’t put a finger on what it is but your new love interest is so damn fine you cannot explain it.

YODO: Forget ‘You only live once’ this acronym stands for ‘You only dump once.’ In a nutshell, don’t ever go back in time as it’s not where you are going- only forward.

Zombieing: When an old love interest gets in touch out of the blue, as if back from the dead, just like a zombie.

So there we are, Dateinadash’s A-Z on dating terms for 2017 so far. Let’s see what else gets added into the mix over the coming months but until then, enjoy yourselves, be safe and we’ll hopefully see you soon at one of our upcoming events!

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