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Ten Reasons Why Most Single Events Suck

Published on 3 May 2020 0 comments Leave a comment

As experienced speed dating hosts, Dateinadash are on hand to give you a roundup of why other speed dating events in London dont match the unrivalled quality and success of ours!

As with anything in life, competition is healthy and its actually a really good thing. In terms of our dating events, it makes us deliver the best speed dating and singles events in the city. We always strive to do more, do better to deliver the most successful events in London.

First things first, one of the biggest reasons why singles events in London fail is due to the poor venues. Can you guess why this is? It's because we have all the BEST ones! All of our venues are handpicked and exclusive to us to ensure we deliver the best all-round events in the city.

The main reason for poor venues being used by other speed dating companies is that they are substandard. They don't get the pick of the bunch and they don't manage to convince the venue managers to let their events be held there but this is not the case with Dateinadash. In reality, many other speed dating companies have no other options available to them but we will leave that one there.

Next up is a severe lack of attendees. If a speed dating company isnt found in the top section of Google organic results then we doubt very much that they will have many people attending their events. Why do you think this is the case? Put simply, it's because theyre not being found by the people who are looking for the services! With this in mind, having resources to allow us to invest in our marketing as well as engaging the help of website specialists has helped us to achieve amazing things.

As we were explaining, in light of people potentially not attending singles events many other speed dating companies will find that their events are cancelled for exactly the same reason. If the companies are not drawing the right kind of people, its likely that the event will not be able to go ahead. This is because it will not be financially viable or fair for the people in attendance if theres only a handful of people committed to coming to the event.

Because Dateinadash deliver a highly targeted marketing strategy, we always draw attractive men and women to our events. However, many other speed dating companies struggle to attract attractive men which means gorgeous women are often put off attending future events if they've had a disappointing experience.

Another reason why most singles events arent successful is the fact the organisers do not dedicate enough time or effort towards their vision. Here at Dateinadash, as the founder, this is my full-time job and has been for over nine years. I previously had a highly successful career in the police-force but left to pursue my dream of starting Londons most successful and most loved speed dating company.

Over the years I have gained so much valuable experience and knowledge that now in 2020 I can genuinely say Dateinadash know what we're doing and that we offer most successful speed dating event and singles events in the whole of the city.

Furthermore, a lot of speed dating companies try to spread themselves too thinly offering events in multiple areas across the UK. At Dateinadash, we focus solely on London and the boroughs within it making us highly focused and determined to serve our local area as our ongoing priority.

Next, a lack of creativity and thinking out of the box is often a reason other speed dating and singles events fail. With many years' experience, Dateinadash is constantly evolving and mixing things up to deliver the best events in London.

Further more, to put it bluntly, other companies have crap hosts! We, on the other hand, have entertainers, professional actors and comedians amongst our team of hosts to deliver fun, engaging events, each and every time. It's true that people love to be around other people and if they are positive and funny, people will relate to them and be naturally drawn into their world.

Next, unfortunately one of the downsides of being so successful is that other speed dating and singles events companies deliver copycat events. Yes, we are well aware that our events are high-grade and very successful (and maybe we should be flattered!) but other people stealing our ideas and doing them for themselves is just plain naughty! One thing to be thankful for is that we know firsthand that they do them very badly!

Moreover, many other companies do not offer a post event matching service. In these instances, you'll find a basic website made via the free WIX platform or even just listings on Eventbrite. You'll discover that this is their only form of communication which means there's no post-event chat or matching available. Here at Dateinadash, we are proud to offer post-event matching which many of our speed daters often comment upon.

On that note, another great service we offer is 100% Match Guarantee. This means that if you do not get a match during one of our events, we will let you attend another Dateinadash event, absolutely free of charge.

Finally, the last reason why most singles event suck is that they are far too expensive. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of people off! Why should you have to spend more of your hard earned cash then you need to?! What these companies fail to acknowledge is that people need money to buy their drinks, arrange their travel and possibly grab some food on the way home, so why make their prices so extortionate? On the flipside, our prices are very competitive as we truly believe that speed dating does not need to be expensive. However, it definitely needs to be fun and enjoyable!

So, if you are looking for love and live, work or socialise, in London, take a look at a range of upcoming events in the city.

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