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Ten New Year Resolutions For Singletons

Published on 18 Jan 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

OK, so now 2017 is amongst us, it’s time to look back on 2016 and evaluate what kind of year it was for you. While it may seem odd to look back rather than forwards, we’ll make the exception just this once. But why you might ask? To see where it went wrong, where it could have been improved, or what needs forgetting right this minute!

Armed with this information, no doubt you’ve made some fantastic New Year Resolutions. If not, now is the time to strike while the iron is hot while you are struggling with the January Blues. So, forget Blue Monday and why not commit to setting yourself 10 New Year Resolutions today!?

1) Ditch the dating Apps for real life interactions

While some people have enjoyed finding love online, ditch the multiple Apps you have on your phone and submerse yourself in the real world. In today’s day and age, we are all obsessed with our phones, checking our social media platforms and telling the whole wide world what we are up to. So why not make this month the month for ditching your dating apps and instead, socialising with likeminded singletons from across the city, in the old fashioned way- face to face! And panic not, there’s nothing to fear, face to face interactions give you the opportunity to see each other in the flesh and gauge whether there are sparks in the air before seeing what happens next. (Here’s hoping you’ll find your perfect match this month, and if not, we’re certain you’ll have fun regardless!)

2) Learn to take a compliment

It really is quite overwhelming when you consider the sheer volume of people who struggle to accept a compliment these days. There seems to be something in the human mindset that says we cannot possibly deserve positive feedback and therefore anyone paying you a compliment must be lying, feeling sorry for us or trying to catch us out.

But just think of the good we could do if we accepted every compliment offered to us? A little spoken gift given in earnest, oh how lovely! So, as we spread love across the city, the team here at Dateinadash want to tell everyone that you need to learn how to take a compliment if someone is kind enough to pay you one. It would be rude not to we’d say!

3) Get out of the house

However you do it, and whether it’s in the morning, noon or night, getting out of the house is a must this January. While you nip to the shops, walk the dog or meet friends for an unexpected coffee, making the conscious effort to get out of the house will all help to boost your happy hormones, get you feeling alive and kicking and also get you in the mood to meeting that special person this January! Forget staying cooped up inside and instead, make yourself available as much as possible. And when you really think about it, when you are socialising, building up your confidence and meeting new people, there’s lots to smile about really so remember about this next time you are feeling blue

4) Smile more

It really is true- nothing can beat a cracking smile to brighten up someone’s day and give off the best first impression in the world! Your smile will beat any overpriced, signature clothes, funky handbags or shoes, expensive products and even the best plastic surgeries, and trust us when we tell you that the best thing you can wear all day, every day is a grin! Research even proves this point so it must be true.

Apparently, people find others more attractive if they are sporting a nice smile and of course this figures. Those who are exuding happiness and positivity help to not only brighten up your own face, but a smile also radiates your warmth to others and draws other happy people to you instantly.

5) Adjust your attitude to love and the future

Just look around you and you’ll see that people with a positive attitude enjoy life much more and are generally happier than those who walk around down in the dumps and pessimistic. It’s most certainly true that our attitude to love and the future is the driving force in our lives- everything you’ve been through, all of the people you’ve interacted with and met have an impact on your viewpoint and attitude. And so, this January why not uncover the power of your attitude when it comes to love, life and happiness and see where it takes you?

6) Get over your ex

So the likelihood is we’ve all been heartbroken at least once, maybe 3+ times and no matter how many times it happens to you, it still sucks! But with the New Year upon us, stand tall, brush yourself off and get back into the riding seat. 2017 is very much for the taking. So, whether you are heart-broken, the rug has been pulled out from under you or you’ve realised s/he wasn’t all they were cracked up to be, whatever you do this January, now is the time to lay your demons to rest, brush it to the back of your mind and move forwards with your life. So what that your ex’s New Year Resolutions don’t include you- you are making your own and don’t you for a minute feel any shame in doing so!

7) Get confident

Each and every one of us have things that we’re embarrassed about whether it be your height, your receding hair line, your credit card debt or your lack of sexual experience but let us tell you one thing. It doesn’t matter. Regardless of your insecurities or hang ups, you need to accept each and every one of them, learn to love yourself for who you are and become truly confident in yourself. Whether you believe it or not, gaining self confidence will make a huge difference to how you approach dating, how you interact with others and your attitude towards relationships and the future develops.

So, take it from us, time is of the essence so what better way to feel great than getting confident in yourself? Stop making excuses, embrace your insecurities NOW and feel the positive effects of loving yourself in 2017.

8) Aim high and know your worth

We’ve all made mistakes, have regrets and wish we’d set our standards higher, whether it’s in relationships, life choices or in our careers. But why? Because deep down, we know we deserve better. And so, January 2017 is the perfect time to raise the bar, and dig our heels in deep in our quest for happiness. If we understand what we deserve (and yes, that’s everything!), you’ll be far less likely to accept anything less. Why settle for something less than you deserve? The team here at Dateinadash want you to realise your worth and enjoy lifelong happiness, love and success, now and always so always aim high and don’t settle for second best, EVER.

9) Be kind to yourself

When the going gets tough, don’t quit but instead take a little bit of time out to pamper yourself and enjoy some ‘Me’ time. Take a little time to enjoy the hobbies you love. Make time to exercise and eat well, so your body can perform at its best. Why? Because you won’t be able to project kindness into the world if you aren’t kind to yourself first! So, why not make a New Year Resolution not to neglect yourself this year regardless of what comes your way, and see how much of a difference it makes? The Dateinadash team think by changing the way you view life and all of the weird and wonderful circumstances it throws at you, you’ll not only alter the way you feel about yourself but also alter how you manage your views and emotions which can only ever be a positive thing.

10) Attend a London Speed Dating event with Dateinadash

If you’ve never tried speed dating, now is the time to try and test the waters. And of course, if you’ve already attended a speed dating singles event before, January is the perfect time to try it out again. Do you know why? Because the team here at Dateinadash can guarantee you that there will be lots of like minded, gorgeous singles from across the city of London queuing up to enjoy a series of 4 minute dates with you! With everyone there enjoying some time to meet, greet and flirt the night away, why wouldn’t you come and see what Cupid has in store for you this January? It’s a silly question really because nobody knows what is around the corner so take a chance, sign up to one of our upcoming events and you could potentially find your perfect match this January.

To view our range of Speed Dating Events, take a look at our page for more information.

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