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Survive The Valentines Season; 10 Things For Singles To Do!

Published on 11 Feb 2019 0 comments Leave a comment

1) Pamper yourself

Forget a significant other- spoil yourself this Valentines and shower yourself with some good old fashioned love. Why not try a beauty treatment in the comfort of your home? Alternatively, splash some cash and get yourself a facial, spa or get your nails done with colourful and beautiful nails to truly brighten up your day! At the day draws closer, top the day off with a lovely glass of wine or ice cold G&T!

2) Get on a health kick

So its true; theres nothing better than a lung full of fresh air after some exercise! Not only is exercise good for you, it also generates feelings of calmness and happiness which is perfect for the Valentines season! In turn, exercise can reduce stress as well as pain. Dont like exercise? Try something low impact such as swimming for a great all round option, youll be surprised with the results.

3) Catch up on Netflix series

Theres something truly satisfying about kicking back, relaxing and binge watching your favourite TV series or latest films. Choose from one of the oodles of latest releases or opt for some of the all time classics such as Friends or feel good chick flicks such as Romeo and Juliet.

4) Make other plans

At this time of year, if youre single and fed up with all of the lovey dovey stuff, do anything other than that! Get all of your mates together and have some single love-ins with your girl/guy friends. Go out to watch a film, go out for dinner or head out and paint the town red! Youre not the only single person in the world, so embrace the other singles in your life with a night of fun.

5) Rustle up something delicious

Cook up a tasty dish in the comfort of your own home and eat it ALL to yourself. This is surely the best part- not having to share!!

6) Enjoy saving your money and treat yourself to something nice

As you get a warm, fuzzy feeling as you look at your bank balance, be proud on what youve managed to save this year. Youve got two options here- save the pennies to put it towards something really lovely, or have a little flutter and treat yourself here and now!

You're not the only person to be single! All across London, Dateinadash offers a range of speed dating and singles events to the gorgeous singletons of the capital. As Londons #1 speed dating company, why not sign up and see what all the fuss is about!? Check out our Upcoming Events now! The ego boost you get when theres a match and somebody thinks youre cute is enough to beat away Valentine blues (if you feel that way!)

8) Get more for less; take advantage of the Valentine themed treats

Buy as much half-priced sweets and chocolate as you can on February 15th. Just because its wrapped in pretty red foil does not mean it has gone off; far from it. Enjoy it and dont feel bad for one minute! Youve paid less for the overpriced products so its win win all round!

9) Give a little love to those who deserve it

If someone has given you a nice smile at your local coffee shop, chuck some pennies in the tip jar and make their day! Its the little things that add up, and youll feel great for actually meaning it when you say thank you.

10) Love really is what you make of it!

When you do meet somebody, you can celebrate being in love and working as team. But until then, dont fret about being single. Yes, its nice to have a date in the diary but love should be shown 365 days a year, not just on Valentines Day!

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