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Our Style Guide - How To Look The Part!

Published on 14 May 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

From our many years of experience, we know firsthand how important making a great impression at one of our London speed dating events is. That said- we also know how important it is to let your personality shine through!

To help, the team here at Dateinadash have composed a handy guide to looking the part at any of our speed dating events in the capital!

For the luscious ladies of London... now we are pretty damn certain you have probably got your own style and know exactly what suits that body of yours but we do have a couple of pointers from our experience as professional speed dating hosts in London!

OK, so neckline is all-important as you will be spending a lot of the time sat down and with a nametag pinned to you your chest area will be in focus, even if you dont want it to be! So, what we suggest is practice sitting down in anything you intend to wear and see how the neckline looks in it, that way you will have some idea of what everyone else will see, too!

If you have an ample chest, you dont want to be checking it all night, tugging at your neckline and generally drawing far more attention to that area than you would have if you had worn something else so pick wisely. At the end of the day you need to feel sexy in what you are wearing but also feel comfortable at the same time! Like we said before, make sure you're in something you can sit comfortably in for a long time: no high-waisted skirts you can't breathe in or jeans carving a wedge into your midsection. Echo that with dresses or tops that have an uncomfy tendency to migrate in unflattering ways, so we suggest you seriously think about your choices before you walk out the door for our upcoming speed dating event!

But if picking something new seems far too much like a headache, why not stick with something tried and tested? You dont want to spend the whole evening thinking to yourself, what if Id worn that dress, so think of all eventualities and stick with what makes you feel great!

Lastly, if you are coming straight from a job where you can do jeans, the old heels-and-top combo is a no-brainer. Again, make sure the neckline feels comfy and that the jeans feel as good sitting as standing but what about if you're coming from a really glammed up, officey office? Well, you'll probably be in good company as most of our speed daters are successful professionals, but it's always nice to try to mix up basic shapes with prints and a cool pair of shoes!

And now for the men of London....a few pointers for you too, guys!

If you hadnt already guessed, women love clothes and fashion in general and if a guy is well dressed, well, this is a winner for them as they only have a few minutes to make up their mind about you!

While a lot of guys dress down thinking that women want them to seem casual, dont give the impression that you cant be bothered to make an effort either, it needs to be a healthy balance between smart and casual for a winning mixture!

Like we say, dont go all out and wear a suit. If you are going to the theatre then fine but not at speed dating; youll appear far too uptight. Sure, the nicest things you own are probably those suits of yours, but those suits are for work leave them in the dry-cleaning bag 'til Monday and relax! Your goal at our speed dating nights should to be at leisure, or at least maintain the illusion of it and we think that you will get the best results dressing as cool as you can and by remembering a couple of vital things.

These include the importance of wearing an appropriate pair of shoes, wearing clothes that fit you properly and by scrubbing up a bit by clipping your fingernails and washing your hair as women, as instinctive creatures, will check these kinds of details! Hey, we would go so far as saying that women look at a mans hands more often than a man looks at his own so make sure they are presentable.

Plus, take it easy on the cologne; while women love it when you smell nice, theres no need to bludgeon the poor girl with your overpowering scent and one last thing, avoid T-shirts with daring wording slashed across it, although it may be a great conservation starter, it could also back fire on you too as it wont show her how clever, charming and friendly you are but your words and actions will, so ditch the zany clothing and put your best foot forwards!

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