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Low Key Ideas For Valentines Day

Published on 24 Jan 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

With Valentines Day getting closer on the horizon, weve made it even easier for you by gathering together a list of fantastic Low Key Ideas for Valentines Day to try out next month. And for those who want to avoid stereotypical sentiment, weve stuck to some last minute ideas that will let you avoid feeling too mushy!

Hold a themed night

Low cost, personal and a little imaginative, theme nights are a great choice for many. Instead of sappy love poems and roses, why not get into the groove and go all out on the theme for maximum enjoyment. Whether its a TV show, sports team or your favourite city, plan your themed night with food, drinks and little extras all based around this particular theme.

Have a film night

Sometimes doing what you love is the best feeling ever. Go back to basics and enjoy a movie night together. Either cheat and grab some packs of popcorn, or make your own. Buy a bunch of delicious chocolate and your favourite ice cream before pigging out on the sofa while watching your favourite films. Its a win win situation all round.

Do absolutely nothing!

A lot of time the hype of Valentines Day never lives up to expectations. So if you decide to treat V day as an ordinary, run of the mill day like any other, its much more likely to be relaxing and chilled. Binge watch your favourite TV show or box set, order in your favourite takeaway, stay in bed all day. Do whatever you fancy and go with the flow- its your day to do as you wish!

Create DIY gifts

Forget expensive flower and chocolates, Valentines Day is all about showing the love in whichever way you choose. Why not spend this day getting creative together! As such, why not put your personal touch on your gifts by making your own? Have a think about what your other half loves and agree to give each other homemade presents. Even better make something together so you spend time bonding while making something special for each other. If you are struggling for inspiration, why not head over to Pinterest to get some DIY ideas that offer something a little different and quirky.

Try a massage at home

Why not kick back, relax and unwind by buying in some massage oils and candles, and giving each other a massage at home. Not only will it be cheaper than going to a professional spa or massage parlour, a sexy, intimate massage is much more romantic and far more personal. And dont forget to have fun!

Board Game Night

As the nights seem long and dark, it can be harder to try to think of new things to do on Valentines Day that dont involve just sitting around, drinking or wasting money you dont have. Instead why not try something fun and low, low cost! A board game night allows you to play a load of different games and have a giggle at the same time. Why not turn it into a fun competition and see who cannot dare to lose?

Throw a party!

Who said you have to spend Valentines Day with just one person? Theres absolutely no hard or fast rule to say you cannot involve your friends in your Valentines Day celebration! Whats more, if you relationship is still in the early stages, this is an easy and fun way to take some of the pressure off. And to save you the time and worry, tell everyone to bring their own drinks, and let the good times roll. All you need is some good tunes, great company and youll be away! Of course, this works too if you are single so whats there not to love!

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