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Dating In The Future

Published on 6 Jun 2019 0 comments Leave a comment

In 2019 it’s hard to think about what dating in the future will be like, but with the advances in technology gaining pace at an alarming rate of knots, who knows what is around the corner. To be honest, it’s a mystery what the future holds and whether new dating techniques are viable options for many London singletons. Here we will have a look at what’s new in the world of dating and our thoughts on the way things are heading.

We’re not sure if you’ve heard but there’s a new Virtual Reality bar in London and it’s oh so cool. Situated beneath a railway arch in Haggerston, East London, singletons from across the capital will soon be able to step into The Otherworld where you’ll be able to try the latest VR experiences with other likeminded singles- all within sci-fi surroundings.

Boasting state-of-the-art VIVE headsets, enhanced by rooms that generate all manner of multi-sensory effects, The Otherworld launches you into a VR world of mystery. Here it’s likely you’ll find yourself bending the very fabric of time on a VR adventure! How cool, we hear you say?

Well you are in luck! We’re delighted to announce that Dateinadash have a fantastic new event coming to this unique venue very soon. Keep your ear to the ground and watch this space for updates as this event is set to be something rather different. As London’s number 1 speed dating hosts, as with all of our singles events, this one is going to be highly targeted and is set to draw a crowd of gorgeous singles looking for a great evening out! Beats staying in and watching the box, huh?

One thing we’re intrigued to know the answer to is, will people meet face to face in the future or will people meet in another world or through a computer game? If so, how would it work logistically? Or will people start dating intelligent robots instead of humans? You may laugh but in China they experimented with a speed dating event where humans flirted and interacted with AI (artificial intelligent) dolls. For those with a fantasy like this, it must have been a dream come true but we’d question that AI dolls cannot give the same love and affection as real men and women.

Alternatively, will everyone turn to DNA dating where your blood type alone determines your fate? We hope not as that’s putting love down to your genetic makeup rather than natural instincts and your heart’s desire.

Of course, over the years the increase in online dating and dating via apps has steadily increased. While we cannot deny it’s been hugely successful for some happy couples, others have had less than successful encounters. Mainly because this form of dating can be rather fake and a faceless way of communicating with other singles!

Often things get lost in translation, or there’s simply one thing on people’s mind and while that’s human nature, as the saying goes ‘You cannot beat the real thing’ and oh how this is true. This is why, as speed dating experts, we truly believe the best form of dating is via face to face interactions such as speed dating.

Firstly you can get the ‘vibe’ from the people you meet and physically see or feel a connection which in our books counts for a lot. We aren’t saying that you’ll instantly know if someone is the love of your life from the few minutes you chat to each other BUT you’ll know if you want to speak to them again to find out more.

Meeting in this way also lets you see how they act around you, what their body language is like and you’ll soon discover what attracted them to you (if you meet someone you connect with). Plus, you’ll get to meet them in a safe environment surrounded by other likeminded individuals, all in the same boat as you. There’s no judging, no bitching, just appreciation and a sense of mutual respect for each other. What’s there not to love about London speed dating really?

So there you have it! While we have NO idea what the future world of dating will look like, we’re continuing with what we know works- offering successful speed dating events in London to singletons looking for someone who will love them for being YOU!

Interested in finding out more? Check out our Speed Dating events section today!

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