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Brexit Speed Dating

Published on 8 Oct 2019 0 comments Leave a comment

Oh the Brexit debate! Its impossible to escape the constant updates and torrents of conflicting data but one things for sure, were on a fast track train to 31st October! This means only one thing- the Brexit deadline is approaching whether we like it or not!

Well agree that its a very confusing and divisive time for politics, but whether you voted for or against Brexit, how it will all pan out looks- at this point at least- rather uncertain. As of today, Boris Johnson remains adamant: Britain is quitting the European Union at the end of this month. Yet even now, even at this dark hour for our troubled democracy and its creaking institutions, any benefits of departure remain blurred at best amid intense focus on the exit process.

Anyway, enough about that! Lets get down to the nitty gritty! Whether you voted to Remain or Leave, were bringing you a unique, one of a kind dating event to the capital! An aptly named Brexit Dating event, this will be an evening like no other. Kicking off at 8pm promptly at The Exhibit venue in the heart of Balham, this event is being held on Wednesday 30th October and is designed for those aged 24-40.

As Londons number 1 speed dating hosts, the team here at Dateinadash believe true love conquers all and this special event will certainly put this to the test! Did you know in the UK, 2.7million relationships broke down in 2016 due to politics? Thats a crazy stat but proves just how fired up people can get about what they believe in.

Peoples political views often highlight an individuals wider social values and if you arent on the same path or have ultra-conflicting views, you can see how this could cause unrest or tension. That said, the old saying opposites attract could well be put to the test during our evening of Brexit dating in London. As always, we think its good to talk and a healthy debate or good old fashion chin wag is the ideal way to spend an evening.

Forget lounging about on your sofa at home, why not brush yourself off, get dressed up (if you fancy it) and head on over to Balham for an unforgettable evening of chat, flirting and healthy discussion. Once youve arrived at the exclusive venue, youll get a label highlighting whether youd like to Remain or Leave in the EU. Youll have your own reasons for voting but maybe some of the below resonate with you.

Heres a little overview on some of the reasons you want to Leave or Remain (remember theres no right answer but your freedom of speech and thought will be a great talking point).


Being able to trade freely across the EU helps UK businesses grow and create jobs, giving you more opportunities and more financial security.

In the EU you can find work, holiday and retire without visas, and study abroad on the Erasmus programme, offering you even more ways to get on in life.

Being in the EU means cheaper prices on food and fuel, giving you more money to put aside for a deposit on a home, starting a family or even a holiday.


In cash terms, Britain is the second biggest contributor to the EU budget after Germany. If we leave the EU, wed get some money back into our country.

By withdrawing from the EU, we can organise economic and social not by deliberate design from the top down, but more organically and spontaneously. From the bottom up. There would be much tighter controls over who enters the country.

.And breathe

Of course, these are just some of the for and against arguments in regards to the never-ending Brexit saga which has been a part of our lives for three years now!

Filled to the brim with gorgeous singles, this London speed dating event is set to be a great evening. To get the event in full swing and truly break the ice, there will be various icebreaker questions based around Brexit (of course!). Then all of the lovely ladies will be invited to be seated, with the men rotating between the tables every 4 minutes. Its been proven- all you need is 4 minutes to get to know someone and first impressions really do count so get chatting and see what vibes you get from the gorgeous singleton sat opposite you.

After your quick-fire date, youll mark on your scorecard whether youd like to see your date again. Dont panic, they wont know your answers so be honest with yourself. Would you like to meet up with them again to continue your Brexit discussions? Or maybe youd like to know more about them as a person- what theyre into, where they live and when they are free to go on another date?!

All scorecards are then collected at the end of the speed dating sessions and collated overnight. But panic not, you wont have to wait long until you hear the findings as well email you with the results the next day, so you can do as you wish with them.

In our opinion, if this event doesnt get you talking openly and frankly with others, we dont know what will! Above all else, this very tailored speed dating event is meant to be good fun. Plus, youll learn oh so much about each other and likely form some level of interest with other London singletons. While you may not fully agree with everyones Brexit views, the level of passion and belief in your views is surely one way to get to know someone?

Dont forget to arrive at The Exhibit with plenty of time (15-30 minutes before it begins!) to avoid missing the start of the event.

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