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10 Top Reasons Why Dating In The Summer Is A Nightmare!

Published on 20 Jun 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

With the glorious summer sun gracing us with its presence recently, most people would assume that summer is the ideal time to go out and find your perfect match. And while there’s no better time to fall in love, expand your circle of friends and enjoy the long, lazy summer evenings, the summer does bring some less than desirable side effects. With this in mind, we hate to admit it but it is true- dating in the summer month can be really bliming difficult.

1) Getting hot and bothered under the collar

With the temperature soaring in London and set to continue for this week across the city, it’s natural to sweat. At the end of the day, sweating is a natural occurrence and your body’s way of cooling down but getting sweat patches on your latest outfit or swish shirt, it’s really the look you wanted to go for now, is it? Oh, and who’s forgotten sweaty hands and a drippy upper lip? Yuk. Remember there’s two in every situation so here’s hoping your date is feeling the heat too and you are both a warm mess. Who ever said dating in the summer was attractive hey!

2) Prickly legs and bushy faces

As soon as the summer sun makes an appearance, it’s time for the dreaded leg shave! Throughout the winter many lovely ladies ditch their worries and embrace not having to shave their pins but alas, the sun comes out and everyone wants silky smooth legs and have to endure the daily onslaught of keeping yourself looking and feeling tip top! And for the guys, that little bit of facial growth or stubble somehow manages to grow at a rate of knots into something far more established. And while many love the beard, the summer months make for a very hot facial jumper that you just don’t need at this time of year.

3) Annoying midges that drive you absolutely batty

You’re in full swing and chatting away with your gorgeous date when you walk head on into a swarm of those dreaded midges. Mmmmm - a mouth full of horribleness. Not the kind of delicious snack you were hoping for and a real pain when you hit a huge swarm of them. Midges are a pest, a serious nuisance, a serious deterrent to summer dating especially when the only way to keep them at bay is DEET - and even then these annoying insects will find the little bit of skin that’s not covered!

4) Sandy sandwiches on the beach

Imagine this. A beautiful summer’s day and a delicious picnic in tow all ready for a great little date with your gorgeous date. What on earth could ruin your perfect day? Oppps, there it is- sand! Not only getting absolutely everywhere- your hair, your eyes, in your underwear if you are really unlucky, sand annoyance goes to a step further when it gets into your food. Crunchy, sandy sandwiches and quiche really don’t have a great flavour, just showing in crystal clear light that sand is one of the nightmares of summer dating!

5)‘Bikini beach ready body’

Whatever that is that all about?! In the summer everyone is meant to be able to kick back, relax and unwind in the summer sun but far too many women (and men) worry about stripping off on the beach/ grassy beach for fear they don’t have a beach ready bikini body. But why the pressure? Not only everywhere in magazines, on the internet and on the TV, the team here at Dateinadash think the best advice for happiness this summer is to embrace yourself, know your worth and work it this summer. Forget what you ‘think’ you should look or act like, now is as a good a time as any to find love.

6) Patchy tan lines put a spanner in your outfit choices

You’ve picked out a fabulous outfit ready for your summer date but the immense summer sun has wrecked your chance to wear it with pride. With bikini crises cross marks and bright red legs, it’s time to rethink your getup for your upcoming date. Pain in the backside to say the least. Grrrr - Summer is a real nightmare for dating we think and we’re sure you’ll agree with us!

7) Messy food blunders make for awkward moments

Ice creams, delicious hot dogs and juicy cherries. All these foods sound amazing but not when you need to try and eat these in the company of someone you hardly know! Especially if you’ve got a definite soft spot for them and then all of a sudden you spill it down your front and make a right Royal mess! Get ready with serviettes, wipe wipes and a huge dollop of opppps! Embarrassment overload.

8) Upping the ante for guaranteed encounters

At work, at college or on a placement, summer encounters seem even harder than during the winter months as they involve a lot more planning, thinking and scheduling. In the sunshine months, you’ll need to strategically plan to accidentally on purpose bump into your latest crush to warrant saying ‘Oh, I wasn’t expecting to see you here’ moment. Good luck guys and girls!

9)‘Stuck on you’ in a not so sexy way

Snuggled up on a hammock, sat around a picnic table on trusty old white plastic seats or cruising in your whip, relaxing in the leather seats during the beautiful sunshine, getting stuck to all manner of surfaces is a rather unattractive feature of the summer. So, why on earth do we do it to ourselves? We’ll never know but it seems we just cannot stop ourselves!

10) The cringe-worthy concept of the summer ‘hookup season’

Summer flings - one of the biggest bugbears is knowing when to text back a date back and how to keep your cool as the temperature rises! And one thing we want to know is who made all these rules of summer hook ups and who listens, if at all? Some of you must be listening to these crazy dictations so we’re here to stop you in your tracks. For your own sanity and peace of mind, Dateinadash are here to help.

As London’s number #1 speed dating hosts we’ve got dating in the summer nailed. With oodles of fantastic speed dating evenings and singles events across the city of London, our dedicated team of hosts can guarantee you’ll experience none of the painfully embarrassing nightmares that only summer dating can bring when you go it alone!

With exclusive venues, friendly hosts and air conditioned bars licensed to sell a wide array of delicious drinks including ice cold cocktails, each and every one of our events are guaranteed to be a fantastic night. No sticky seats, no sand in sight and no judgement (that’s a promise!), Dateinadash will get you in the mood for summer without the embarrassment or irritation.

Check out our upcoming events in your area and grab yourself a ticket today before they sell out! You’d be crazy to miss the opportunity to meet like minded singles in London. Don’t delay, get a shifty one!

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