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Our A-Z Guide To Dating Terms
May 24, 2017 AT 1:28PM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

If you ever get the feeling you are behind on the times and not in the know when it comes to dating buzzwords, panic not! As one of London’s leading speed dating hosts, we’ve compiled a complete A-Z of dating terms to help you through your city romance.

Below, we’ve got a comprehensive list of all of the lingo you’ll ever need to keep you in the loop in the world of dating.

So here goes....

AF: any idea what this one means? In a nutshell it stands for ‘as f**k so take that as you wish. Plain and simple, AF can be used in instances such as describing a gorgeous singleton such as ‘hot af’, or‘single af’.

Breadcrumbing: Think Hansel and Gretel and you won’t be far wrong. In essence this term relates to sending flirty yet non-committal messages to entice your love interest just enough that they can’t get enough.

Cuffing: When the nights draw in and the temperature drops, serial singles pair up for some year round loving as opportunities dwindle in the singles market. This act is known as cuffing.

Deepliking: A sign of interest or affection demonstrated by ‘liking’ social media posts and pictures from months or even years before. While some may find it tab creepy, others may see it as a good light for something more.

E-fit: Carefully curating your social pictures and posts, using them as an online dating profile.

FBO: As the saying goes, it’s not official until it’s ‘Facebook official’ and the acronym FBO stands for exactly that!

Ghosting: One of the most savage instances in the world of dating, ghosting is when all communication with the person you’ve been dating suddenly stops out of the blue, with absolutely no explanation.

IRL: Another acronym, IRL stands for ‘In real life’ which in this instance refers to when you finally go on a real, physical date with a person you’ve been flirting with online.

KRAY BAE: When your new love interest turns out to be a crazy, unhinged person. Ekkkkk, get the hell out of that one immediately.

Monkeying: When you move from one relationship to another with no breaks in between, you begin to replicate a monkey swinging from the branches of a tree. Take note and make sure you make time for yourself.

Non-Date Date: The confusing time when you eventually meet up with your online love interest and experience a flirty vibe and intense eye contact, only to find it wasn’t specified as a ‘date’.

On a thing: This is a new dating term for casually dating someone in 2017. Forget ‘seeing someone’, ‘on a thing’ is the way forward in the world of dating. Peacocking: Get your glad rags on and use your attire, just like peacocks use their tail feathers to lure a mate, across social media and in real life, too.

Q: Another dating phrase standing for ‘cool’. ‘She’s really Q’ or ‘We might have broken up, but we’re still Q.’

R-bombed: Don’t you just hate it when your love interest reads your message but doesn’t reply. Well there’s a name for it now- you’ve been R-bombed.

Slow-Fading: When you slowly take longer and longer between replying to your latest love interest.

Thrist Trap: This term refers to posting pictures on social media seemingly innocently but in reality, all you want is to draw attention to your hot new look, your impressive new physique or fabulous natural assets.

Uncuffing: The sunshine is out so ditch your ‘cuff’ in time for a summer full to the brim of love.

Werk: When persistency pays off and you bag yourself a date with the guy or girl you’ve been chasing.

X-Factor: When you can’t put a finger on what it is but your new love interest is so damn fine you cannot explain it.

YODO: Forget ‘You only live once’ this acronym stands for ‘You only dump once.’ In a nutshell, don’t ever go back in time as it’s not where you are going- only forward.

Zombieing: When an old love interest gets in touch out of the blue, as if back from the dead, just like a zombie.

So there we are, Dateinadash’s A-Z on dating terms for 2017 so far. Let’s see what else gets added into the mix over the coming months but until then, enjoy yourselves, be safe and we’ll hopefully see you soon at one of our upcoming events!

Drunk Jenga Speed Dating
May 1, 2017 AT 10:22AM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

With summer only around the corner, we all share the desire of having a summer romance, so why not try and find that one special person through Date in a Dash!

As Londons number 1 Speed Dating company, our upcoming Drunk Jenga event at Nordic Bar in Oxford Circus. A trendy Scandinavian bar situated in the heart of central London, bound to attract hundreds of fun and good looking single men and women. Weve made it our quest to make it our best even of the year yet, so whether you are 23 or 35, our Drunk Jenga Event is just the ticket for those looking not only to have some fun but to also potentially build the foundations of your new relationship.

With Nordic allowing us exclusive access to part of their bar from 7:30 till 9:30, you will be able to meet, have fun and chat to new people and who knows maybe have the odd flirt. What could be better than breaking the ice through Drunk Jenga, having an excuse to ask the questions you really want to know and being able to have a laugh with great people. With music playing and drinks flowing, what more could you ask of for a perfect night out in the city.

How it works I here you ask, youll have a few drinks to start I hear they have an impressive cocktail list, which should be sampled. Allowing you to mingle with everyone and start to eye up any potentials. As the event gets underway, you will make your way around the venue playing Drunk Jenga. Some of the Jenga blocks will include ice breaker questions and funny dares to truly help you find Mr or Mrs right. After the event has finished, feel free to stay around and continue with the fun and laughter by staying for a few drinks after.

Even if you dont find someone that takes your fancy that night, youll go home knowing that you have met a new crowd of great people and havent wasted the night sitting on the couch at home watching an episode of corrie.

Not convincedwell here are some more reasons as to why YOU should attend.

  • With 25 people to attend, all being in one room. You may actually meet the one.
  • A fresh perspective on speed dating, allowing you to feel relaxed and carefree without overthinking things too much.
  • Tickets are only £15.
  • Why not make it night out with the girls or the boys, that you can look back on in the future and think what a great night.
  • It will allow you to expand your horizons, you might find someone that you would normally not be attracted to as you havent had the opportunity to get to know them.
  • So whats stopping youbook your tickets here now, before its too late!

  • Top Date Ideas For Gym Lovers
    February 8, 2017 AT 2:11AM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

    Every January hoards of London singletons begin the New Year with some fantastic New Year Resolutions under their belt. And to be fair, with all good intentions January is the perfect time to get yourself feeling (and looking!) fabulous because when you love yourself, your confidence and zest for life radiates to those around you.

    As we all know, January is renowned for being the month everyone strives to get fit and lose weight so the team here at Dateinadash have come up with some of the top date ideas for Gym Lovers. What’s more, getting active is a fantastic way to get to know your date, build your confidence and clear your mind of post Christmas clutter - so don’t delay, get yourself moving, however which way you prefer!

    Enjoy the challenge of Paint balling

    Everyone knows that competing against others is healthy. What’s more it provides you with a chance to show your skills and demonstrate what you are capable of. With this in mind, paint balling is the ideal January date for Gym Lovers as it combines a physical workout with some playful domination which is always fun. However you choose to pursue the paint balling activity, we guarantee you’ll be so hyped up you won’t even notice how many calories you’ll be burning while you run, jump and dodge paintballs- and dish them back to your date at the same time!

    Get on ya bike!

    No matter what speed your relationship is going, jumping on your bicycles together is a fantastic way to stay in shape and explore the great outdoors. And with cycling targeting the biggest muscle groups in your body including your hamstrings, quads, glutes and hips, you’ll also help to keep yourself trim and lean. What’s more, with London offering so many gorgeous sights to explore, biking it around the city is a great way to have a sneak peek at some hidden retreats scattered around. We think you’ll conveniently end up at a nice quiet pub or restaurant where you can enjoy a well deserved drink and tasty treat to reward yourself, and why the hell not we say!

    Attend a Dance Class

    With the chilly temperatures this January, why not stay inside and sign yourselves up to a dance class and make memories you’ll never forget! Not only will you get to see how your date moves, but you may well experience forms of intimacy and passion as you get up close and personal with your new love interest. From Salsa to Swing, and from Street to Contemporary dance, dance classes offer a huge range of potential styles to choose from, meaning there’s something to suit every personality and personal preference.

    Take to the ice with Ice Skating

    If you are lucky enough to live near an ice skating rink in the local London area, grab your skates and try out making some shapes on the ice together. That said, don’t go too mad- keep it smile as the risk of injury can be higher if you aren’t a confident skater but with the choice of both indoor and outdoor facilities, ice skating could well be the ideal January date for Gym Lovers across the capital.

    Enjoy the thrill of Rock Climbing

    This date idea will no doubt get your heart racing, and for all the right reasons! When your body is charged ready for some action adventure such as Rock Climbing your brain links that emotion with the person you are with. So, get in your rigs and harness and embrace the joy of Rock Climbing to get those feel good hormones running through your veins. What’s more, helping each other get to the top and realising your sense of achievement is fantastic for creating a sense of teamwork as it requires trust and communication at every step of the way. But we suggest that if you aren’t avid climber, start with an inside climbing wall to build your skills before going off into the unknown. (Plus, it’s warmer inside, which in the coldness of January is always a bonus!)

    Draw, Aim, fire with archery lessons

    This January, for those Gym Lovers wanting to flex their strength and ‘oh so toned’ arms, why not explore the art of archery and develop some new skills along the way? While the weather is cold and crisp, why not take a trip away into the countryside and go back into time with some professional archery lessons?! We think there’s just something about a bow and arrow that’s a little bit romantic, emotional and sexy. Just cast your mind to Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games and remember how amazingly hot she was when she pulled back her bow and arrow- well ladies and gents, this could well be you. Perfect for both guys and girls, archery lessons will have you imagining yourselves as mythical heroes, hunters and ninjas as you draw, aim, fire and hopefully running into the arms of each other!

    And there we have it- doing new things together and getting off the beaten track to explore the opportunities available is fantastic for any couple or newly introduced singles wherever you live, work or socialise in London or the surrounding area. Any form of exercise will flood your brain with happy hormones and make you feel fantastic, especially in the brisk January days we have all become accustomed to. So, why not mix up a date night with exercise and really help those first date butterflies linger for a little longer!

    Ten New Year Resolutions For Singletons
    January 18, 2017 AT 2:04PM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

    OK, so now 2017 is amongst us, it’s time to look back on 2016 and evaluate what kind of year it was for you. While it may seem odd to look back rather than forwards, we’ll make the exception just this once. But why you might ask? To see where it went wrong, where it could have been improved, or what needs forgetting right this minute!

    Armed with this information, no doubt you’ve made some fantastic New Year Resolutions. If not, now is the time to strike while the iron is hot while you are struggling with the January Blues. So, forget Blue Monday and why not commit to setting yourself 10 New Year Resolutions today!?

    1) Ditch the dating Apps for real life interactions

    While some people have enjoyed finding love online, ditch the multiple Apps you have on your phone and submerse yourself in the real world. In today’s day and age, we are all obsessed with our phones, checking our social media platforms and telling the whole wide world what we are up to. So why not make this month the month for ditching your dating apps and instead, socialising with likeminded singletons from across the city, in the old fashioned way- face to face! And panic not, there’s nothing to fear, face to face interactions give you the opportunity to see each other in the flesh and gauge whether there are sparks in the air before seeing what happens next. (Here’s hoping you’ll find your perfect match this month, and if not, we’re certain you’ll have fun regardless!)

    2) Learn to take a compliment

    It really is quite overwhelming when you consider the sheer volume of people who struggle to accept a compliment these days. There seems to be something in the human mindset that says we cannot possibly deserve positive feedback and therefore anyone paying you a compliment must be lying, feeling sorry for us or trying to catch us out.

    But just think of the good we could do if we accepted every compliment offered to us? A little spoken gift given in earnest, oh how lovely! So, as we spread love across the city, the team here at Dateinadash want to tell everyone that you need to learn how to take a compliment if someone is kind enough to pay you one. It would be rude not to we’d say!

    3) Get out of the house

    However you do it, and whether it’s in the morning, noon or night, getting out of the house is a must this January. While you nip to the shops, walk the dog or meet friends for an unexpected coffee, making the conscious effort to get out of the house will all help to boost your happy hormones, get you feeling alive and kicking and also get you in the mood to meeting that special person this January! Forget staying cooped up inside and instead, make yourself available as much as possible. And when you really think about it, when you are socialising, building up your confidence and meeting new people, there’s lots to smile about really so remember about this next time you are feeling blue

    4) Smile more

    It really is true- nothing can beat a cracking smile to brighten up someone’s day and give off the best first impression in the world! Your smile will beat any overpriced, signature clothes, funky handbags or shoes, expensive products and even the best plastic surgeries, and trust us when we tell you that the best thing you can wear all day, every day is a grin! Research even proves this point so it must be true.

    Apparently, people find others more attractive if they are sporting a nice smile and of course this figures. Those who are exuding happiness and positivity help to not only brighten up your own face, but a smile also radiates your warmth to others and draws other happy people to you instantly.

    5) Adjust your attitude to love and the future

    Just look around you and you’ll see that people with a positive attitude enjoy life much more and are generally happier than those who walk around down in the dumps and pessimistic. It’s most certainly true that our attitude to love and the future is the driving force in our lives- everything you’ve been through, all of the people you’ve interacted with and met have an impact on your viewpoint and attitude. And so, this January why not uncover the power of your attitude when it comes to love, life and happiness and see where it takes you?

    6) Get over your ex

    So the likelihood is we’ve all been heartbroken at least once, maybe 3+ times and no matter how many times it happens to you, it still sucks! But with the New Year upon us, stand tall, brush yourself off and get back into the riding seat. 2017 is very much for the taking. So, whether you are heart-broken, the rug has been pulled out from under you or you’ve realised s/he wasn’t all they were cracked up to be, whatever you do this January, now is the time to lay your demons to rest, brush it to the back of your mind and move forwards with your life. So what that your ex’s New Year Resolutions don’t include you- you are making your own and don’t you for a minute feel any shame in doing so!

    7) Get confident

    Each and every one of us have things that we’re embarrassed about whether it be your height, your receding hair line, your credit card debt or your lack of sexual experience but let us tell you one thing. It doesn’t matter. Regardless of your insecurities or hang ups, you need to accept each and every one of them, learn to love yourself for who you are and become truly confident in yourself. Whether you believe it or not, gaining self confidence will make a huge difference to how you approach dating, how you interact with others and your attitude towards relationships and the future develops.

    So, take it from us, time is of the essence so what better way to feel great than getting confident in yourself? Stop making excuses, embrace your insecurities NOW and feel the positive effects of loving yourself in 2017.

    8) Aim high and know your worth

    We’ve all made mistakes, have regrets and wish we’d set our standards higher, whether it’s in relationships, life choices or in our careers. But why? Because deep down, we know we deserve better. And so, January 2017 is the perfect time to raise the bar, and dig our heels in deep in our quest for happiness. If we understand what we deserve (and yes, that’s everything!), you’ll be far less likely to accept anything less. Why settle for something less than you deserve? The team here at Dateinadash want you to realise your worth and enjoy lifelong happiness, love and success, now and always so always aim high and don’t settle for second best, EVER.

    9) Be kind to yourself

    When the going gets tough, don’t quit but instead take a little bit of time out to pamper yourself and enjoy some ‘Me’ time. Take a little time to enjoy the hobbies you love. Make time to exercise and eat well, so your body can perform at its best. Why? Because you won’t be able to project kindness into the world if you aren’t kind to yourself first! So, why not make a New Year Resolution not to neglect yourself this year regardless of what comes your way, and see how much of a difference it makes? The Dateinadash team think by changing the way you view life and all of the weird and wonderful circumstances it throws at you, you’ll not only alter the way you feel about yourself but also alter how you manage your views and emotions which can only ever be a positive thing.

    10) Attend a London Speed Dating event with Dateinadash

    If you’ve never tried speed dating, now is the time to try and test the waters. And of course, if you’ve already attended a speed dating singles event before, January is the perfect time to try it out again. Do you know why? Because the team here at Dateinadash can guarantee you that there will be lots of like minded, gorgeous singles from across the city of London queuing up to enjoy a series of 4 minute dates with you! With everyone there enjoying some time to meet, greet and flirt the night away, why wouldn’t you come and see what Cupid has in store for you this January? It’s a silly question really because nobody knows what is around the corner so take a chance, sign up to one of our upcoming events and you could potentially find your perfect match this January.

    To view our range of Speed Dating Events, take a look at our page for more information.

    Our January Singles Party At The Gable
    January 11, 2017 AT 1:51PM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

    The New Year is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with DateinaDash!

    As London’s premier Speed Dating company, our upcoming Lock and Key party at The Gable, a chic city venue close to St Pauls, is set to get pulses racing across the city and we cannot wait to share the evening with you.

    Confirmed as the biggest singles event in London with over 300 people set to attend, our ever popular singles event in the heart of the city is not to be missed. And what’s more, this year we’ve made it our quest to provide the singles of London with the biggest and best singles event in the city, so whether you are 18 or 55, our January party is just the ticket for those seeking a fantastic evening out of the house, the chance to mix with oodles of gorgeous singles and potentially find your perfect match.

    With exclusive use of the entire venue for the whole night so you can meet, chat, flirt and dance the night away to your heart’s content, what could be better than one huge party filled to the brim with successful, attractive singles all looking for romance and a great night out? Not much we’d say.

    Plus, with all of our experience in the dating world, our extremely popular January singles party incorporates not only late night partying and speed dating options but also fun and flirty ‘Lock and Key’ icebreaker games, a photo wall and a raffle, too where you have the opportunity to get your hands on some brilliant prizes, regardless of if you find your ideal partner!

    Of course, if you still need convincing as to why you should attend DateinaDash's huge speed dating event in the heart of the city, look no further - we’ve got all the reasons right here for you...

    • Our singles event provides you with a new and exciting way of meeting likeminded, fun and flirtatious singletons from all across the city of London. With years of experience in the dating world, we know first hand just how hard it is to meet other singles when living in the hustle and bustle of the capital and our huge January singles event is set to change this for you and many, many others.

    • There’s a staggering 300 people set to attend, meaning there are more opportunities to find your perfect match than ever before!

    • The optional speed dating element means you can enjoy several four minute dates with other gorgeous singles, should you wish to participate in this ultra fun activity. Of course, if you choose not to join in, it’s not a problem at all- just kick back, relax and go with the flow. Grab yourself a drink, dance the night away or pull up a seat and enjoy a stimulating conversation with another London singles, with absolutely no pressure! The choice is totally yours.

    • Meet, greet and mingle with a huge group of open-minded, fun, creative and likeminded singletons! We’re convinced that whatever your goals and desires, you are guaranteed to make real connections with other singles in exactly the same boat as you. And who knows what the future holds- don’t delay, grab yourself a ticket and join in with all of the fun on offer!

    • Learn and be inspired by a fresh perspective in dating. Even if you don’t meet someone who tickles your fancy, it’s very likely that you’ll make new friends and successfully communicate with other singles from the local London area. Stepping out of your comfort zone, trying something different and taking the plunge is all that is needed in many cases to finding everlasting and meaningful love. Don’t sit at home with the New Year blues, dust yourself off, get your glad rags on and join Dateinadash for our biggest and best January singles event to date!

    • If you are a little shy or reserved, get a little push in the right direction (and lots of encouragement) from Dateinadash, (if you need it, that is!) By attending our fabulous January single event this month, you’ll get the chance to meet other singletons living, working or socialising in London, as well as meeting the dedicated team here at Dateinadash. And, because we know how successful previous singles events have been, we can assure you that once the night is over, you’ll be heading home with a huge sense of achievement and feelings of positivity as you’ve grabbed the opportunities available to you with both hands and opened yourself up to finding your perfect match.

    • Oh and one last thing- due to our ever growing popularity, we suggest you grab yourself (and your friends) a ticket as soon as possible before you miss out on the action. Once the tickets are gone, they are gone, so don’t delay and spread the word- fun, flirting and the opportunity for love is right on your doorstep- like now. Don’t miss out on finding the love of your life, or the chance to party the night away by leaving it to the last minute.

    Look forward to seeing you all at our fabulous January singles party later this month....

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