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Ten Reasons Why Most Single Events Suck
May 3, 2020 AT 10:43AM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

As experienced speed dating hosts, Dateinadash are on hand to give you a roundup of why other speed dating events in London dont match the unrivalled quality and success of ours!

As with anything in life, competition is healthy and its actually a really good thing. In terms of our dating events, it makes us deliver the best speed dating and singles events in the city. We always strive to do more, do better to deliver the most successful events in London.

First things first, one of the biggest reasons why singles events in London fail is due to the poor venues. Can you guess why this is? It's because we have all the BEST ones! All of our venues are handpicked and exclusive to us to ensure we deliver the best all-round events in the city.

The main reason for poor venues being used by other speed dating companies is that they are substandard. They don't get the pick of the bunch and they don't manage to convince the venue managers to let their events be held there but this is not the case with Dateinadash. In reality, many other speed dating companies have no other options available to them but we will leave that one there.

Next up is a severe lack of attendees. If a speed dating company isnt found in the top section of Google organic results then we doubt very much that they will have many people attending their events. Why do you think this is the case? Put simply, it's because theyre not being found by the people who are looking for the services! With this in mind, having resources to allow us to invest in our marketing as well as engaging the help of website specialists has helped us to achieve amazing things.

As we were explaining, in light of people potentially not attending singles events many other speed dating companies will find that their events are cancelled for exactly the same reason. If the companies are not drawing the right kind of people, its likely that the event will not be able to go ahead. This is because it will not be financially viable or fair for the people in attendance if theres only a handful of people committed to coming to the event.

Because Dateinadash deliver a highly targeted marketing strategy, we always draw attractive men and women to our events. However, many other speed dating companies struggle to attract attractive men which means gorgeous women are often put off attending future events if they've had a disappointing experience.

Another reason why most singles events arent successful is the fact the organisers do not dedicate enough time or effort towards their vision. Here at Dateinadash, as the founder, this is my full-time job and has been for over nine years. I previously had a highly successful career in the police-force but left to pursue my dream of starting Londons most successful and most loved speed dating company.

Over the years I have gained so much valuable experience and knowledge that now in 2020 I can genuinely say Dateinadash know what we're doing and that we offer most successful speed dating event and singles events in the whole of the city.

Furthermore, a lot of speed dating companies try to spread themselves too thinly offering events in multiple areas across the UK. At Dateinadash, we focus solely on London and the boroughs within it making us highly focused and determined to serve our local area as our ongoing priority.

Next, a lack of creativity and thinking out of the box is often a reason other speed dating and singles events fail. With many years' experience, Dateinadash is constantly evolving and mixing things up to deliver the best events in London.

Further more, to put it bluntly, other companies have crap hosts! We, on the other hand, have entertainers, professional actors and comedians amongst our team of hosts to deliver fun, engaging events, each and every time. It's true that people love to be around other people and if they are positive and funny, people will relate to them and be naturally drawn into their world.

Next, unfortunately one of the downsides of being so successful is that other speed dating and singles events companies deliver copycat events. Yes, we are well aware that our events are high-grade and very successful (and maybe we should be flattered!) but other people stealing our ideas and doing them for themselves is just plain naughty! One thing to be thankful for is that we know firsthand that they do them very badly!

Moreover, many other companies do not offer a post event matching service. In these instances, you'll find a basic website made via the free WIX platform or even just listings on Eventbrite. You'll discover that this is their only form of communication which means there's no post-event chat or matching available. Here at Dateinadash, we are proud to offer post-event matching which many of our speed daters often comment upon.

On that note, another great service we offer is 100% Match Guarantee. This means that if you do not get a match during one of our events, we will let you attend another Dateinadash event, absolutely free of charge.

Finally, the last reason why most singles event suck is that they are far too expensive. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of people off! Why should you have to spend more of your hard earned cash then you need to?! What these companies fail to acknowledge is that people need money to buy their drinks, arrange their travel and possibly grab some food on the way home, so why make their prices so extortionate? On the flipside, our prices are very competitive as we truly believe that speed dating does not need to be expensive. However, it definitely needs to be fun and enjoyable!

So, if you are looking for love and live, work or socialise, in London, take a look at a range of upcoming events in the city.

Social Distancing Date Ideas
April 26, 2020 AT 11:38AM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

OK, it seems as if weíre going to be stuck at home for a few more weeks yet so letís make the most of our time while staying safe! As London's most loved speed dating company, Dateinadash are on hand, as we always are, to help you in the world of dating.

Putting our time to good use, weíve compiled a top 7 list of date ideas which takes social distancing to the max all while having fun at the same time!

1. If you havenít seen before, take a look at virtual tours! If you have an interest in the arts and culture, why not check our a virtual museum tour for an interactive experience from your sofa? Likewise the National Trust and other significant places of interest also have virtual tours available to watch for free from the comfort of your own home. Finally, Longleat and other large animal parks have virtual tours available for you to enjoy without having to pay the admission charges or leave your house.

But how does this work during lockdown? Why not get you and your fellow speed dater to logon online and view the tour at the same time together for a more immersive and coherent date? You can ask questions, discuss various points of the tour as you go around and maybe, just maybe it will inspire you both take a visit when the lockdown is over and things return back to normal.

2. If you love music and the arts why not watch concert via YouTube or any other platform offering music performances? Many artists are now recording performances in their own homes and even collaborating together with their bands with a multi-screen function for you to enjoy! Likewise many artists have uploaded full of concerts both now and previously in time.

What's more, why not check out a set at Glastonbury, re-watch Queen at Wembley Stadium from 1986, or search for something more recent and in line with your own musical tastes! As always, there is oodles of content out there- just find what you fancy and enjoy it together.

3. Next, if you have access to Google docs, why not take a look at a virtual escape room? The hype around physical escape rooms has been taking over the country for the last few years so why not enjoy the mystery and immersive problem-solving from the comfort of your home?

In Pennsylvania, USA, the Peter's Township Public Library have created a Harry Potter themed escape room using Google Docs! We are certain there are others available online; just take your pick and try something new.

4. Take Netflix and chill to a whole new level! If you havenít already tried it, services such as Netflix Party is a great tool to stay in contact with others while watching something at the same time. A simple chrome extension on your PC, iPad or phone allows you to sync up your Netflix account and view whatever you're watching alongside the chat function on the side so that you can discuss the film, documentary or drama you both watch together.

5. Next, get creative! If you are artsy or creative-minded why not plan a project to do with your speed dater over video chat? Try out relaxing adult colouring, or think about drawing or painting something you both agree on. Obviously what you choose to do will be determined by the supplies you have at home but get creative and have fun. Thankfully, through social distancing a lot of free online resources are now available to keep you entertained while you chat. After a set period of time, why not show each other what youíve created and give some feedback. Just donít forget; art is subjective so donít be too hard on your fellow speed dater, now's the time to be kind!

6. Why not give retro games a try? Unless you are both into online gaming, Dateinadash suggest you go old school and dig out some simple puzzles and games to try out. Maybe try a crossword puzzle together or give Scrabble a go! Of course, another great idea could be the childhood classic, Battleships just interactively this time!

7. Last but by no means least, why not share a drink or dinner? While some people may not wish to eat on camera (this is totally fine- we get it) why not pour yourself a drink and have a virtual drinks date on camera? As we said before, get dressed up, sort your hair, put your lippy on (as if you were ready to go out on a physical date), and enjoy some time to unwind and chat. Enjoy the banter as if you were sat opposite your fellow speed dater and make the most of this odd situation.

If you are single and looking for love, letís Dateinadash help you find your ideal match. We are now offering London virtual speed dating events across the capital which allow you to meet, chat and flirt with 15 to 20 like-minded singles. Whatís not to love?

Take a look at our Upcoming Events here. We look forward to see you soon, albeit virtually for the time being, and wishing you all the best on your date! Stay safe, stay at home from everyone at Dateinadash.

The Complete Virtual Dating Guide
April 22, 2020 AT 1:58PM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

Here at Dateinadash, all things dating is at the forefront of everything we do. This is why, as Londons most loved speed dating company, we've put together some hints and tips on virtual speed dating from home. Take a look and see how virtual speed dating could help you find love during the difficult times.


First things first, we think its a given but make sure your home environment is clean and tidy! Pack away your overflowing laundry baskets and yesterday's underwear to create a warm and inviting setting for your virtual speed dating event.

Furthermore, make sure you have good lighting. Too bright and the speed dater on the WebCam may not see you. Likewise, if your room setting is too dark its unlikely you'll be able to see each other.

Whats more, make sure the virtual backgrounds in zoom are all in place and set up correctly. This will give a consistent theme to everybody in the speed dating event.

Finally, rather than have a re-enactment (just like the official videos of news reporters and Parliament with young children screaming in the background or trying to get on camera), we advise that young children are kept out of the way. This is not only for a quiet relaxing atmosphere but also for their safety as well.


Next, in terms of technology, we suggest that you get affiliated with the app Zoom as soon as possible. We advise that you have a dummy run using it so you know how the app works.

Likewise, make sure you have a fully charged battery as you dont want your phone or laptop/iPad to crash during the London virtual speed dating event.

Lastly, check your Wi-Fi strength to ensure that you are not only connected but that you do not have intermittent dips which could affect how the event runs.


As highly experienced speed dating hosts, Dateinadash know all too well the types of questions people like to hear during a speed dating event.

Firstly, consider what the speed dater on the WebCam will see when they connect with you. Furthermore, think about any photographs on the wall behind you that could spark up a conversation. Maybe place a carefully considered item or object within view to trigger a talking point?

Moreover, if you have a pet why not get them on camera to? In a recent virtual speed dating event in London, we had one speed dater who had their pet dog casually sitting on the bed. As a nation of animal lovers, its not surprising that everyone loved seeing the gorgeous pooch on screen!

Plus, if youre a dab hand in the kitchen, why not show off your cooking skills and chat while you cook? It'll be like your own version of Ready, Steady, Cook but better and you won't need to leave the front door.

Next, if you're houseproud, why not give a mini tour of your humble abode and show off your prize possessions? Whatever you decide, what you choose to reveal will provide a lot of information to the other speed-dater about the kind of person you are.

Maybe you are interested in sports? Food? Animals? Maybe youre a devoted parent or grandparent? Or maybe you have a need for speed with fast cars and motorbikes or enjoy a casual round of golf at the weekends? All of these things will reveal something about your character and personality without you having to say word!


While some may feel like theyre back at school or in an interview, Dateinadash suggest bringing a pen and paper along to the virtual speed dating event to make notes. Not only will it show a willingness to learn about your date, itll also put you in good stead later on, should you wish to ask other questions or refer back to conversations youve had together. It will also be helpful if you eventually get a match together as it will be a good starting point to spark up a new conversation!


While you may be dating from the comfort of your own home, this doesnt mean you should sit in your PJs slobbing out on the sofa and eating a Chinese (unless youve cooked the Chinese yourself!) What we suggest is treating any virtual speed dating event as if it was a night out.

Choose your outfit, run yourself a nice hot relaxing bath or refreshing shower, get glammed up, sort your hair and put your lippy on and find out your favourite killer heels.

Likewise for the men, have a shave, put on your favourite aftershave, grab a smart shirt and pour yourself an ice cold drink, ready to start your virtual speed dating event.


Lastly, have a think about good questions to ask on the first date! Think about asking them for some random facts about themselves to lighten the mood, ask whether there is something they'd like to learn or wish they were better at, or ask them a question from the drinking game 'Would you rather?'

Alternatively, ask your speed dater where their favourite place in the world is and why, or who are the special people in their life are! These kinds of questions will get you learning about the speed dater you are talking to without being too invasive or personal.

At the end of the day, you want them to feel at ease in your company and give the impression that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them. Of course, you dont have long to make an impression so make the minutes count and have a think about the types of questions youd like to ask!

Finally, depending on how your virtual date goes maybe pluck up the courage to ask for a FaceTime day after? Youll be able to gauge their reaction and see if you are both on the same page. Of course if they like to, you are winning at life, but if they dont, dont get disheartened-better luck next time hey!


A couple of words of advice!

We advise that you ditch the headphones. In our experience, big headphones, AirPods or anything really cumbersome just looks is a bad luck- so ditch them. Youll thank us later!

Furthermore, avoid talking about COVID-19! We all know that this disease is consuming our everyday lives so we advise that you steer away from bringing it up in conversation. We all know the drill; we all know what we have to do, so stay clear of this as many innocent people have lost their lives during this tragic time.

Likewise avoid talking about politics, talking too much about work or your exes- none of these are a great idea on a first date. If in doubt, just imagine you were talking to these people face-to-face and really think about what you would say to them. While you were talking to them over a WebCam or smartphone, just dont be stupid. Yes, you may never see these people again but the aim is that you'd like to continue getting to know someone when it is safe to do so.

Another important point is, make sure you look into the camera directly and not off to the side. If you stay away from the centre it will look as if youre looking at the carpet, clock checking or giving off the vibe you are generally not interested. Remember, eyes forward guys and girls and stay engaged!

Virtual Dating: Frequently Asked Questions
April 9, 2020 AT 3:14PM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

What is virtual speed dating?

Our Virtual Dating events are an exact replica of traditional speed dating but instead of taking place face to face in bars and pubs, they take place online using webcams.

How many people will I meet?

Each event will have around 30 people (15 dates) anymore than this and it becomes quite difficult to manage in our experience. By keeping the numbers slightly lower than normal it means we can provide the best possible user experience and allocate more time to each date.

How long does each date last?

Each date will be around 5 minutes. There is also the chance to talk to all your dates again at the end in a group chat.

Will I meet people from outside London?

No, our events are strictly for singles in London.

Do I need to download anything?

You will need to download the free video conferencing app Zoom though the app store if you're using a smartphone or simply go to www.zoom.us and download the software to join our event.

What happens on the day?

We will send you an e-mail in the morning with the link to join the event and a password. We will also contact everyone by SMS later in the afternoon. Registration will open at 7:30pm but the event starts at 8pm.

How do I connect with people after the event?

Once the event ends you simply login to our website where you can view a list of everyone who has attended the event so you can follow up with anyone you had a connection with.

How much does it cost?

Tickets are only £10 but we have early bird special offers on certain events. Other companies charge more but we feel we cannot possibly justify it.

Why your events over other companies?

We have been established since 2011 and were the first company to launch virtual dating back in March. We rank very high in Google and have great marketing partners which enable us to have busy events every week. Our hosts are well trained in the platform Zoom and will go the extra mile to ensure you have a great experience with us.

What if I dont like anyone?

Simple, if you dont like anyone you can attend another event again!

Is it safe?

Absolutely - our events are hosted by one of our friendly hosts who will be online throughout the session and monitoring the conversations. The session takes place in a private room that is password protected so only those guests who have paid and are booked in will be able to access it.

15 Awkward Speed Dating Situations!
March 28, 2020 AT 10:48AM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment

When it comes to speed dating you've got 4 minutes to make your impression and potentially change your life forever. When it goes well, you can feel it. You get that warm fuzzy feeling and cannot wait to chat with your speed dater after the event has finished. But when it goes wrong, you just want to move onto the next speed dater as quickly as possible. As London's #1 speed dating hosts, we've had our fair share of blips and know the best way to get out of any awkward speed dating situations like a pro.

When things go a little 'Pete-Tong', we know first hand how everyone wants to vanish into thin air without so much as a goodbye. Of course, the most awkward speed dating encounter can be caused by pretty much anything but here we detail 15 awkward speed dating situations.

1) We all dread that moment when someone asks for your number, and you don't want to give it to them. Not just in a speed dating environment, but it's awkward in general to turn someone down. The thing you need to remember is it's your right to give out your number for any reason. It doesn't make you rude, it just means you're in control of your life and who has contact with you. Of course, you could just tell them to wait until the matches are announced.

2) Oppps, there goes the wine! If you manage to spill wine, here's hoping it's on you and not the singleton sat in front you. Either way, now's the time to use humour! But why laugh at your blunder? Because it'll show your date you're human and don't take yourself too seriously. What's more, you'll be able to see how they react- if they don't take it too well. Wrap it up and move the hell on! 3) Next up is when the topics turn to a controversial and you can't agree to disagree. This is more than one of you hating chick-flicks or football. This is politics, exes and other controversial topics, likely to make people flair up (if they aren't willing to be grown up about it). During a speed dating event, it's not the time to bash, argue or ridicule. It's all about respecting other people's views, even if they don't align to your own personal views. Can your date be kind when you disagree? That person is a keeper. If not, don't fret, maybe they aren't your perfect match, and that's OK! 4) What about if your date cannot stop checking their phone, or replying to text messages? As experienced speed dating hosts, we'd say the only time this is OK is if a genuine emergency takes place. To stop this happening, it's best to keep your phone well clear of the table to avoid any unnecessary awkwardness.

5) Ekkkkk, you run into one of your exes while at the speed dating event. As we all know, it's a free world and everyone is entitled to do as they wish. If you get stuck in this totally awks situation, you can either be nice with a simple 'hi' or nod. That's all that's needed in this situation. Concentrate your time and energy on your speed date and smile! Living well and being happy is the best kind of revenge.

6) There's definitely some truth in too much of a good- especially when it comes to alcohol on your speed date. There's never a great excuse for getting drunk before or on your speed date, especially if it's the first time you've met the person sat in front of you. Of course, if you find yourself too drunk (or your date is beyond tipsy) you can always put it down to nerves and apologise. Of course, if your date understands, we think you might have found a good one!

7) We've all been there Ė we can't remember someone's name- even if they've said it! As a nation, we've become adept at chatting with people we see all the time (ie. around work or at the school playground) without ever addressing someone by name, or made use of 'tags' like mate, babe or 'hey' to hide our forgetfulness. But when you're on a date it's really embarrassing and slightly awkward to wiggle out of it quite so easily! Our best advice here would be ask a fellow speed dater and hope that they save the day.

8) Next up is bad breath! According to new research, halitosis is the biggest turn-off when it comes to finding a potential love interest. It's deemed a bigger turn off than terrible dress sense, being late, poor manners or bad jokes. If you suffer from bad breath yourself, steer clear of strong coffee, red wine, spicy foods and of course, garlic; the food of vampires!

9) If you don't have a date to spend your evening with, panic not! As London's most experienced and most loved speed dating hosts, Dateinadash will transform your evening! One of our 'oh so' lovely hosts will happily spend their time chatting with you, keeping you focused on the task in hand and giving you the confidence to nab yourself a date next time!

10) It's a tad awkward if you know you're date isn't really interested in getting to know you (although you've only got 4 minutes to burn so just hang on in there!). If your date gets distracted, antsy or sit there in complete silence, it'll feel crystal clear that your date has little patience or interest for conversation.

11) Similarly, your date could not give you the time of day to get a word in edgeways. While 'it's good to talk' your speed dating experience needs to be a two way communication for it work!

12) While this theoretically shouldn't be awkward (as everyone is individual and can be themselves), if your speed date rocks up wearing Crocs with socks, you'll feel yourself wishing the 4 minutes to hurry to hell up. It's true; everyone can wear whatever they wish, but if you're looking for someone trendy or with a cool taste in fashion, this may well not be the date for you. Be polite and respectable and move on!

13) Uh oh! You've clapped eyes on the speed daters in the room and you realise the person sat in front of you is an ex, or someone you've previously dated! We get it; this would be totally awks but be the better person and rock adulthood. Whatever happened before, doesn't impact what's going to happen moving forwards. We mean, you don't need to fall in love with this person, just chat and enjoy the rest of your evening!

14) Feels a little bit being at school but it can be awkward if the speed dater fancies your friend and not you! Just a little word of warning; accept this as part of life- everyone likes who they like but take it in your stride. Maybe you can play matchmaker and see what Cupid has in store for your friend. Your time will come!

15) Last and by no means least, one of the awkward speed dating situations to be in is a speed dater proclaiming they aren't interested in a relationship! Remind yourself why you are there; to find love and live your best life. OK, not everyone will want a relationships but it's probably not the most positive way to approach a first 'date' situation! Far too often we assume we can convert a player into relationship material Ďif they get to know usí but the truth is (in our dating experience) if they tell you from the start that this isnít going to be a relationship, believe them. The choice is yours!

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