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Attack Of The Screens: Why Face To Face Interactions Are So Important
February 26, 2016 AT 1:55AM GMT+0200 | 0 comments | leave a comment
In bygone years the only viable way of meeting genuine, likeminded people was to get out of the house and interact with others. And, to be honest, it really wasn’t that long ago when you sit back and really think about it.

You see, the problem with today’s society is that everyone has become creatures of habit, wanting to cease the easiest options available to them, even if it is sacrifices actually mingling and chatting with people face to face. While many are glued to their phones, flicking from left to right on Tinder and other social media platforms, the real winners in life are those embracing the opportunities speed dating and singles parties in London offer. Because, trust us- there are plenty!

And while pausing the latest television obsession for all of a few hours and putting down your cup of cocoa as you lay snuggled up on the couch eyeing up potential suitors online might seem too much effort, get your back side off of the sofa, get your glad rags on and meet others face to face at one of our professionally organised singles events.

If you just take a minute to cast your mind way back to when the world began- real people were meeting up in real life and it actually worked for them, so why change a habit of a lifetime (quite literally!)

While some methods work for a collection of society, as London’s number 1 speed dating hosts, Date in a Dash, we’d like to think we’ve got it covered when it comes to finding love in the capital. We offer a huge range of highly successful singles events throughout London proving what we’ve said all along- that people like to meet real, likeminded, genuine and friendly singles in their local area to see for themselves if there are any sparks, if there’s a connection worth pursuing or a burning desire to see each other again.

While being able to sit in your PJ’s chatting away to love interests via online dating sounds ideal- (no effort required on the getting yourself ready to potentially meet your perfect match as you don’t need to lift a finger!), a huge drawback is the fact you miss out on getting ready for an evening of full.

Furthermore, you miss out on the opportunity to speak with a variety of different people across the evening through a series of 4 minute dates and thereafter, and most importantly, with our speed dating events or any one of our singles events, everybody in attendance is there in all of their glory and with nothing to hide. Because at the end of the day, we’d like to think that everyone there is who they say they are, especially when compared to all these fake online profiles in existence these days!

Plus, while you may think tweeting online, snap chatting away and searching for singles on POF or Tinder may be the simplest answer to your prayers and the safest form of dating, think again.

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s plenty of fake profiles going around these days so be careful not to be lured into any dangerous situations. The beauty of our speed dating and singles events in London is that each and every one of them are hosted in hand selected, exclusive venues, all of which are comfortable, safe and conveniently located to ensure your safety at all times.

This is where face to face interactions, wins hands down in comparison to other forms of dating. There is absolutely nothing more important than your safety and well being and the entire Date in a Dash team strive to provide the best venues for our events for this reason- to ensure the best possible outcome all around.

And, what about safety in numbers when it comes to the dating world? If you know your friends are heading to one of our highly targeted local London speed dating events, why not pop along and see what all of the fuss is about? While many people come to our singles events alone, what could be better than turning up with a mate or two, and see where the evening takes you.

We all know how much of an effort it can be sometimes to get up, brush yourself off and start the quest of looking for love but if you are wanting to meet a friendly, genuinely nice singletons in London you’re going to need to venture out of the house and into the real world. Expanding your social circle is very important when you are trying to meet someone new and what better opportunity to meet likeminded singles in London than attending one of our singles events along with a friend. We’d say it’s a win, win situation all around!

Living, working and socialising in the city of London is something rather unique. And so, why not embrace the craziness that is the capital and jump on the many forms of public transport on offer right here in the city be it the tube, the train or a London bus. Lurking down underground may well be your perfect match en route to one of our singles events (you just never know!).

Now we appreciate that not everyone in London is single but next time you see someone you like the look of, make eye contact, have a little natter, flirt if you feel comfortable and remember- be brave, social interaction with others is key to communicating with other likeminded singles so just dig deep as you never know what might happen. If nothing else, it’s all good practice in developing your confidence and seeing how you talk with others so that by the time you come to attending one of our London speed dating events you’ll feel ready to roll for a full filled evening full of 4 minute dates, and lots, lots more!

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